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Wellness Wednesday – 8 Tips for Better Sleep

Wellness Wednesday

Hello friends and welcome to the first post of my new mid-week feature, Wellness Wednesday.  Each week we will be talking about a health and wellness topic, but not always in a clinical way, sometimes it will be comical and fun, so enjoy and join in on the conversation!

8 tips for better sleep Autumn brings about a lot of changes one of which is fewer hours of sunlight, it gets darker earlier but that doesn’t necessarily mean we are going to bed earlier or getting more sleep.  Long gone are the days of working from sunrise to sunset.  

 If you are anything like me, oftentimes you find yourself up late catching up on paperwork, paying bills, working on your blog or watching a late night talk show.  We all know that not getting adequate sleep interferes with our ability to function properly or concentrate while driving, completing daily chores and staying alert at work.  So how do we get a better night’s sleep, here are 8 tips:

  • The bedroom should be a place for sleep, relaxation and intimacy only, no exercise or office equipment in the room. sleep at the same time

  • Colours can be stimulating make sure to choose colors that are soothing and relaxing like blue or green.

  • Be comfortable, wear loose clothing or nothing at all, consider purchasing a new mattress and pillow.  The room should be properly ventilated and slightly cool so that you can breathe well at night.

  •  Sleep in complete darkness and install dark curtains or use an eye mask if necessary. darken room

  • Try to sleep by 10pm and wake by 6am these are the hours that are ideal for melatonin secretion.

  • Take a hot bath right before bed. A hot bath will calm you and it’s a perfect time to relieve some stress. Try adding essential oils like lavender or chamomile to promote relaxation. calming agents

  • Limit EMF exposure. All electronics including TV, iPod, laptops and cell phones should be removed from the bedroom with the exception of an alarm clock but turn it away so the LED light doesn’t interrupt your sleep. no electronics

  • Keep lights off when using the bathroom at night. Instead have a night-light in place to prevent stopping the production of melatonin.

Come on join in on the conversation, what are some of the ways that helps you get a good night’s sleep?

baby sleep sleep like a baby


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