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Amazon gets an “A” in Education

Amazon gets an “A” in Education

Amazon never ceases to amaze me, once a little start up selling books over the Internet founded by Jeff Bezos in 1994, then launched in 1995; now has on-site classroom training available at several of their fulfillment centers including the one in our little town of Middletown. Amazon fulfillment center in Middletown

The e-commerce distribution center in Middletown, Delaware offers on-site classroom instruction to it’s employees with courses being taught by Delaware Technical Community College instructors.

Employees of Amazon who wish to continue their education can now do so right after work, which for many is very convenient especially after working a 10 hour shift. Instead of driving miles to a local Del Tech campus, they can simply clock out after their shift is done then walk down the hall to their classroom.

Delaware Technical college

The Delaware facility is just one of only eight Amazon fulfillment centers to offer on-site classroom instruction for their workers and it definitely benefits many of our state’s residents.

Amazon’s Career Choice education program launched in 2012, gives it’s employees an incentive to pursue a degree or certification program because they pre-pay up to $3000.00 per year for tuition, textbooks and college fees even if they chose to attend another college or university.

We all know how expensive college can be so this is definitely a great opportunity for many even if they decide to stay on at Amazon or leave to pursue other career choices.

on site education training

In order to qualify for the Career Choice Program, Amazon workers must be employed at the company for at least a year. Workers must also enroll in a degree or certification program that prepares them for a career designated as “high demand” by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Delaware Tech and Amazon are now in talks to provide credit courses on site, possibly starting in 2016.

Would you enroll in an on-site classroom if your employer offered it?