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Costco Deals – FAIL

Last Saturday, #1 son and I made the trip to Costco at the insistence of hubby who had bought a membership the week before. I needed to get my membership card so he said, “why don’t you go and just look around to see what they have. “Just look around”, this from the man I married almost 22 years ago – I have never gone to a store to “just look around”. Unfortunately, this is just the type of place you go to just look around and… the samples. I personally don’t like warehouse clubs like BJ’s and Sams because I spend way too much time and money and I really don’t find a lot of bargains.

I did however, notice that the bulk meats and fresh veggies were a good price but you have to buy so much of it that it’s more of a savings for large families or parties. Anywho, here’s a picture of #1 son and I at the register with our cart and I didn’t realize you could only pay with debit card or American Express so that money flew out of my account before I hit the parking lot.