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MatchaDNA Milk Frother Review

MatchaDNA Milk Frother Review


Hello friends, if you like a frothy top on your coffee, tea or hot chocolate then you are definitely going to love this product. MatchaDNA Milk Frother is a small, handheld battery-operated whisk that creates creamy milk foam in just a few seconds. It’s also cute and really easy to operate and clean.

MatchaDNA Milk Frother

After you insert frother whisk into a glass of a hot or cold beverage filled to 1/4, turn it on and then holding it at a slight angle, move it up and down as it creates a rich and smooth foam.

Here’s a video so you can see how it actually works.

Now you can get the “Coffee House” frothed milk drink at home in seconds with the MatchaDNA Milk Frother and you can use any kind of milk: whole, almond, soy, coconut milk, or even a coffee creamer. The MatchaDNA Milk Frother is available and shipped quickly from and I think the little ones will love it because it’ll give them a great milk mustache!

So if you want to create one of those ‘fru fru’ coffee drinks at home order one today.

What is your favorite hot beverage, coffee, tea or hot chocolate?