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Costco Deals for A Bomb Shelter

Last evening I thought about some of the items that I had purchased from Costco and my mind took me back to elementary school in the 60’s when we had “air raid” drills and had to hid under the desks. I also thought of the Twilight Zone episode about the family who built a bomb shelter in their basement. They had just enough supplies for themselves and not enough for their neighbors. I wondered which items that I had purchased from Costco would be good in a bomb shelter.

Detergent for 120 loads of laundry…or more because it would have to be washed by hand!

Chobani Greek Yogurt

Salad lettuce


Snacks for the men

Snack for me!

Costco Deals – FAIL

Last Saturday, #1 son and I made the trip to Costco at the insistence of hubby who had bought a membership the week before. I needed to get my membership card so he said, “why don’t you go and just look around to see what they have. “Just look around”, this from the man I married almost 22 years ago – I have never gone to a store to “just look around”. Unfortunately, this is just the type of place you go to just look around and… the samples. I personally don’t like warehouse clubs like BJ’s and Sams because I spend way too much time and money and I really don’t find a lot of bargains.

I did however, notice that the bulk meats and fresh veggies were a good price but you have to buy so much of it that it’s more of a savings for large families or parties. Anywho, here’s a picture of #1 son and I at the register with our cart and I didn’t realize you could only pay with debit card or American Express so that money flew out of my account before I hit the parking lot.