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Sleep Number Coolfit Foam Pillow Review

Sleep Number Coolfit Foam Pillow Review

Disclosure: I received this Sleep Number Coolfit Foam Pillow FREE in exchange for a product review.   All opinions are 100% my own.

Hello friends, I hope all is well in your world. As a blogger my mind is constantly running a mile per minute and getting a good night’s sleep isn’t something that comes easily. That coupled with “pillow pounding” and snatching back the covers, (thanks to menopause) I wake up exhausted!

I recently received a Sleep Number CoolFit Foam Pillow as part of my Sleep Number store experience and SleepIQ technology feedback with #Smiley360.

Smiley360 Pillow

I normally purchase new pillows several times during the year because they lose their shape and go flat, but I can tell already that his Sleep Number Coolfit Foam Pillow is not going to lose it’s shape or go flat. Heavier than a normal pillow with a contoured shape for neck support will keep it on my bed for a long time.

However, the best feature of this pillow is the Coolfit technology which is especially important now, because I hate waking up in a sweat.

Smiley360 Bear

Initially there was a strong odor or new product scent, so I removed the cover and placed it and the pillow inside the dryer with a fabric softener sheet and after a few cycles the smell dissipated.

Product Review 009

I can honestly say that I like this pillow and feel as though I am getting a better night’s sleep, or at least I’m not losing more sleep via pillow punching!  

How about you; are you a pillow puncher, cover snatcher or do you sleep like a new born baby?

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DIY Statement Necklace Holder

DIY Statement Necklace Holder

Hello friends, I hope all is well in your world.  If you are like me and love costume jewelry or perhaps went overboard purchasing statement necklaces from Walmart, then this DIY is for you.  

I have several jewelry boxes and holders, but a few years ago my necklace collection got too large so using just a few supplies, I created a necklace holder that sits on the floor in our spare bedroom.

Statement Necklace DIY AVI

I purchased the pegboard from Home Depot and had them cut it in half so that I could add hinges making it easier to stand on the floor in my closet.  This is also a great way to display jewelry if you sell at Yard Sales and Flea Markets.

Statement Necklace DIY Supplies


Pegboard purchased at Home Depot

If you prefer to keep the pegboard full size to hang, then attach it to a wooden frame first.  You can then hang it on your wall or inside a closet door, just make sure it’s not too heavy with a lot of jewelry otherwise it will fall down or pull away.


Hinges @ Home Depot Pegboard Hooks @ Home Depot

The pegboard hooks are usually found a few aisles away from the pegboard which I don’t understand, but there’s a large assortment to choose from.

If you prefer not to screw on the hinges use cable ties as they are very sturdy and will hold the two pieces together. Save yourself some money because Cable Ties can also be purchased at Dollar Tree.

Cable Ties @ Home Depot

Go to my YouTube channel to view the how-to video,  you will see how an unorganized mess became a more organized mess with this easy DIY Statement Necklace Holder in just a matter of minutes.

Statement Necklace DIY Mess

How do you keep your jewelry organized?  

Statement Necklaces organized

New Year ~ New You.


5 Things You Don’t Have in Your Bathroom But Probably Should {Guest Post}

5 Things You Don’t Have in Your Bathroom But Probably Should {Guest Post} 

Author: Amber Brubaker

You may think that your bathroom is outfitted with everything necessary for you and your family’s needs. But think again. There’s always a way that you can spruce up your bathroom for both looks and functionality. Once you try these five functional and attractive bathroom additions, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without them!


1. Nifty, Creative Storage

Maybe you don’t have very much cupboard or drawer space and something always gets left out without a home. Or maybe you have plenty of cupboard and drawer space, but they’re always cluttered and unsightly. Either way, you need some new, creative DIY storage solutions like the ones below.

Mounted Mason Jars: Mason jars are the perfect and cute way to store your cotton balls, q-tips, and makeup brushes. Just nail some large metal, adjustable hoop rings to a painted board, put your mason jars in the rings, and hang the display for some adorable storage!

Cupboard Door Cubbies: Use some wood glue to attach boards to your cupboard door to create an open box where you can store lotions, toilet paper, and more. Or, if that seems a little too complex for you, simply use adhesive plastic hooks and hang wire baskets from them.

Floating Shelves: Over-the-toilet stands are bulky and not always classy-looking, but floating shelves are the perfect, attractive solution to your storage needs. Whether they’re over your toilet, next to your towel rack, or by the door, floating shelves will look great and work perfectly for your towels, toothbrushes, and bathroom decor.


2. Framed Bathroom Mirror

Don’t you love that giant mirror spanning the entire wall of your bathroom? That big mirror is the reason you and your partner never argue about space in front of the mirror in the morning. But that’s pretty much the only good thing about it. It’s not exactly the most attractive part of the room. That can all change if you frame it.

Start by measuring the perimeter of the mirror so that you know how much trim you need to buy. Carefully remove the clips around your mirror and make sure it’s glued to the wall. If it’s not, glue it on. Ask advice from a professional on this one.

Next, collect your trim from a hardware store. You’ll want the edges to be angled so that they’ll fit together in a nice corner. Spray paint the trim with the color of your choice, and use wood glue to attach it to the wall around the mirror. Voila! A perfectly attractive frame to enhance your favorite bathroom feature!

white bathrobes and towels stapled on brown wooden shelf with flowers

3. Indoor Shutters

You’re curtains may be cute, but honestly, they aren’t the best window covering for your bathroom. They fade quickly, aren’t exactly sanitary, and it’s hard to keep them clean. If you want the best possible window covering, you should look into indoor shutters for your windows. They’re the most modern, yet cozy window covering available. You can get them in any color to match your bathroom decor, not to mention, they’ll increase the value of your home. If that’s not enough to convince you that your bathroom needs indoor shutters, read this article for more dynamite reasons.

4. Reminder Boards

Do you have little ones who forget to brush their teeth, wash behind their ears, or any other hygiene necessities? Sounds like you need some cute reminder boards to give them a hand. You could use a plain white board to write daily reminders for your forgetful mini yous, but if you want it to be really cute and match the decor of your space perfectly, make a cute dry erase board out of a picture frame.

All you need is a picture frame of any size, a piece of scrapbook paper that matches your home decor, and some dry erase markers. Put the scrapbook paper in the picture frame, hang the frame on your wall, and use it for your reminders. The dry erase markers work on the glass just like they would on a white board.


Mature woman in bathrobe adjusting hair, smiling, view through shutters

5. Towel Hooks

Boring towel racks are a thing of the past. They aren’t exactly attractive, and they usually only hold two towels. You probably also end up with a pile of wet towels on the floor every morning. If that sounds like your bathroom, remove the towel rack ASAP and add cute hooks instead.

You can make your own with some fancy, decorative hooks attached to a painted board that you can hang on the wall. Or, look for a row of hooks in your favorite home goods store. This update is not only stylish, but it will also encourage the other members of your household to hang up their towels because it’s so easy.

So, there you have it! Some simple bathroom remodel ideas that will make your plain bathroom fabulous!

Disclosure: This Guest Post was written by someone other than the author of DeDivahDeals. The author of this post submitted the article to me for the purpose of being published on this blog as a Guest Writer.

Covering Up Against the Cold

Covering Up Against the Cold – #loveseatcover12 #armchaircover12

Hello friends and welcome to winter.  In the Northeast it’s time to baton down the hatches and cover up or put away the outdoor furniture. Unfortunately, our garage is filled to the gill with the riding lawn mower, snow blower, cushions, umbrellas and pool supplies so I can’t put any more items inside including our cars!

The deck cushions are all neatly packed and put away, but I have to keep a few pieces of deck furniture out so it’s important to have it covered in order to prevent damage during the winter.

Astor Chair Covers Review


These Astor premium covers from are sized to fit chairs up to 38″x33.5″ and loveseats 58″x32.5″ and as you can see they fit both of mine perfectly.  Each has an adjustable elasticized hem and a click buckle strap to keep the wind from blowing them off.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Astor premium covers are easy to put on and take off, have sturdy, padded handles and comes with a 2 Year Warranty against damage by dry rot, sun exposure, mold or mildew. Your lounge or patio chair will come out from under the cover looking just as good as it did when it went in!

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If you are looking for a custom fit outdoor armchair or loveseat cover to protect your deck furniture this winter, check these out and then order them from today.

Happy New Year ~ Happy New You!


Cents of Style Holiday Home Decor Sale

Hello friends and Happy 4th of July Weekend!

Summer is a great time to spruce up your home with a few accent pieces and Cents of Style has extended it’s holiday sale but hurry it ends tomorrow, Sunday (7/6/14).

Take advantage on getting some great home decor items currently on sale for 60% off and FREE SHIPPING with the code HOMEDEAL.

Fashion Friday- Home Decor 60% off & FREE SHIPPING with Code HOMEDEAL

Here are a couple great deals you won’t want to miss:

IMAGE: Fashion Friday- 7/3-7/6/14- Home Decor- 60% off & FREE SHIPPING with Code HOMEDEAL

IMAGE: Fashion Friday- 7/3-7/6/14- Home Decor- 60% off & FREE SHIPPING with Code HOMEDEAL

Cotton Pillow Covers- $13.18 shipped.
There are a lot of different colors and styles to choose from. This is a great way to give your home a fresh new look for a low price. Put new covers on your current pillows.

IMAGE: Fashion Friday- 7/3-7/6/14- Home Decor- 60% off & FREE SHIPPING with Code HOMEDEAL
Rod Iron Name Hooks- $6.78 each shipped. 
Perfect for a mud room or bathroom.

IMAGE: Fashion Friday- 7/3-7/6/14- Home Decor- 60% off & FREE SHIPPING with Code HOMEDEAL

Fashion Friday- 7/3-7/6/14- Home Decor Sale- 60% off & FREE SHIPPING with Code HOMEDEAL

So take a break from the heat of the grill and pick up a few hot bargains from

Cents of Style

Stay Blessed ~ No Stress in 2014!