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ROI or Just Spinning Your Wheels – Blogger’s Problems


ROI or just spinning your wheels – Blogger’s Problems

spinning wheel We’ve all been there, while driving in the car an idea suddenly pops into your head…a great post idea.  So you steer with one hand while making notes with the other trying to avoid running a red light or a head on collision.  

You get home and write what you think is a fantastic post, included some great pictures, linked back to reputable sites, even added some personal antidotes, then finally after what seems like 8 hours, you press the Publish button….then what?

Crickets….complete silence…no comments…no likes…no nothing?

What’s your ROI – in other words, what is the return on investment? The investment of time, which could have meant that you worked all day, rushed home to fix dinner, did a few household chores, handled your wifely duties, showered and then sat at the kitchen table until 3:00 am writing, rewriting, editing, uploading, proofreading all for nothinghello…is anyone out there?

hear me now

As a blogger those are the worse days, but also as a blogger they are the motivators that keeps us going, making us want to get better, sharper, more relevant and trust me, that is not a bad thing especially if blogging is your passion.

So what are some ways in which we can get a better ROI, here are just a few things that have worked for me:

Create a Bitly link for each blog post’s url

  • the shorter the link the better it is for syndication especially when posting to Twitter

Queue your posts in Bufferapp

  • scheduling posts to syndicate a minimum of 7 times per day around the clock so while you are sleeping, readers in other parts of the world can be reading your posts

Submit your link with positive comments to the Facebook and Twitter pages of the companies that you have included in your post

social media icons

Syndicate to all your SM networks especially Goggle+ – who doesn’t want that “Google Juice”? – Change up the intro to the post so it appears as a new post and not spam, avoiding the words read my new blog post’

Last but not least have fun and join a party, linkup, but be a courteous guest and stick around to read and leave pertinent comments on others’ posts.


These are just a few ideas to get you started, please feel free to share what has worked for you – Sharing is Caring!