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YIKES! Stripes and Tights a Fashion Fail!

YIKES ~ Stripes and Tights a Fashion Fail!

Hello friends, and happy Hump Day Wednesday.  Have you ever gotten dressed thinking that you looked okay only to realize later that you made a major fashion mistake?  Well that is how I feel about this outfit which is aptly entitled YIKES, STRIPES AND TIGHTS a Fashion Fail!


I have to admit that it was still dark when I got dressed and I was in a hurry, running late as usual, perhaps the jet lag from the trip to LA or just because it was Monday, I messed up.  Actually, I am blaming my husband, because when I asked him if the shoes were okay, he said, “well it matches the bag”, that should have been my hint and a half to go change.


Alright, alright, I know that I messed up…tights are too dark…there are too many colors…patterns, just a mess but hey, I am entitled to a fashion faux pas, so please be kind with your comments.

WIWW Mixing Metals 006

This thrifted multi-patterned dress is cute, but with the black striped tights…well it’s a bit too much, I should have gone with beige or suntan hose or perhaps the shoes were too much…two tone and stripes – nope…not a good look, should have worn my OTK suede boots.


I even tried to find something Boho Chic to compare it to and even that was hard…so now this outfit will live in infamy and my great-great grands may one day find it and say, “what the heck was that ole lady wearing!”


New Year ~ New You