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Homelite Pressure Washer | Unsolicited Product Review

Hello Friends and Happy Saturday!

Last weekend was absolutely gorgeous, and I as well as most of the neighbors were outside working on our lawns and gardens. I also had to head over to Home Depot to replace a Pressure Washer which had been broken for years, and get new seat cushions for the patio furniture.  

Hubby isn’t fully recovered yet so I had to make the purchase as well as put it together myself.  Knowing that there are other woman who may need to do the same, I decided to do an unsolicited review on the process.

Homelite Pressure Washer Review

I purchased the Homelite Gas Pressure Washer for $299.00 and a bottle of Zep Pressure Washing Concentrate

Years of dirt and grime

This is what the concrete on the front stoop looked like due to years of neglect…a major build up of dirt and grime..not very welcoming!

Almost fully assembled

I loved the fact that the pressure washer was packaged almost fully assembled.

Remaining pieces

The remaining items in the box were the hose, wand, handle, bottle of oil, nozzles, warranty information and directions.

Nozzle instructions printed on the back

There’s also an instruction sheet adhered to the back of the pressure washer for easy reference.

Attaching water hose

It was easy to attach the handle and hose

Attach garden hose

as well as to attach the household garden hose.

Add oil  It comes with a bottle of oil and a paper funnel, which I didn’t see until after I used this Dollar store plastic funnel which we keep in the garage.

oil tank is clearly marked Location of oil tank is clearly marked.

Homelite Pressure Washer Review

After all hoses are attached, fill tank with gasoline, 

Add Zep All in One Concentrate add Zep All in One Soap Concentrate.

Turn switch to "On", slide to "Chock" and Pull Turn switch to “on”, slide to “choke” and pull the starter cord, then push switch from “choke” to “run”. It was an easy starter pull unlike the older models.

The nozzles are color coded and the reference sheet is attached to pressure washer

The nozzles are color coded and there’s a reference card attached to the handle of pressure washer.

Choose correct nozzle for the job

Always choose the correct nozzle for the job, check reference card for determination.

Once I got the hang of it, I started cleaning the brick wall

Once I got the hang of it, I used it to clean the brick wall as well.

Only complaint - cheap plastic cover ripped - not sure how because I didn't drag the pressure washer

My only complaint was the cheap plastic covering the hose, it ripped.  I am not sure how because I don’t remember dragging it across the concrete.

I give it a B grade


I could have done a better job, but started getting tired however, it does look much better.  Next weekend I’ll do the vinyl siding and patio furniture, then on to the pool area.  

What are your major outdoor chores for the summer?