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The Night His Smartphone Died

Mindless Millennial


Monday night and it’s almost midnight…the house phone rings…my heart starts to palpate, my mouth goes dry…late night phone calls never brings good news…

the phone rings

(me) Hello…

(son) Mom…

(me) Malik…

(son) Mom…

(me) Malik what’s wrong!!!

(son) I dropped my phone…

(me) What???

(son) I dropped my phone and now it doesn’t work  

My son, a freshmen in college, during finals week, two weeks before he’s scheduled to come home calls me because he dropped his Smartphone and now it doesn’t work.  

(me) boy, do you know what time it is?  

(son) mom, I broke my phone so I won’t be able to wake up.  

(me)what, remember when I told you to take a clock radio with you?  

(son) mom, it’s finals week, my phone is broke and I can’t check for the assignments

(me) use your laptop…boy do you know what time it is?  

After that I hand the phone to his father and get back into bed.  What is wrong with this millennial, what is wrong with this young man.  Did he think I could snap my finger and he’d have a new phone from Verizon?  

Gazelle Certified Pre-Owned to the Rescue!

What happened to the twelve dollar Timex or the Swatch watches with alarms; clock radios on the night stand, and can openers in the drawer.  Can millennials even count cash?  Can they plant a seed in a cup of dirt?  What is going to happen in a Zombie Apocalypse?

Taken at the Townsville Show Qld Australia 2010.© I retain copyright.

Taken at the Townsville Show Qld Australia 2010.© I retain copyright.

Here, I thought Velcro was going to dumb down the kids…boy was I wrong, it’s the Smartphone!  Do you have a mindless millennial in your house?

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