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Easter Tie Dye DIY

To all of my Christian Friends

Happy Good Friday and have a Blessed Easter Sunday.


This weekend many moms and perhaps even a few dads will have their kids in the kitchen dyeing eggs for Easter.  They will then be hidden (and hopefully found) throughout the house or outdoors in celebration of the traditional Easter Egg Hunt.  


I have always loved watching the White House Easter Egg Hunts on television, and often wished my sons and I could have attended one while President Obama was in the White House…oh well, this is the last one for he, the FLOTUS and the girls.


White house Easter Egg hunts

President Obama at the White House Easter Egg Roll


However, my sons were much too old for the Easter Egg Hunts during the Obama Presidency.  As a matter of fact this year we will be on the road Easter Sunday taking Malik back to Bowie as his Spring Break is officially over today!  #bummer


If you don’t have toddlers but do have teens or tweens that would prefer to tie dye clothing, and not eggs, here’s a post that I wrote in 2012.  It would be a perfect DIY for the Easter weekend or anytime you want to up-fashion a simple summer tshirt.


Tye Die DIY ingredients

I used a package of Tulip Fabric Dye, which in 2012 was $2.37 at Walmart but I am not sure how much it is today.  

1/4 cup of salt; wooden stick, aluminum pan from the Dollar Store and a gallon of boiled water.

soak the tshirt in the dye for an hour

I followed the directions on the package, however, I did not stir it for an hour, I just made sure the shirt was total submerged and then let it sit for an hour.

I wrapped rubber bands around for the other shirt and placed it in the pan for only 30 mins.  Place a plastic table cloth or garbage bags underneath the pan before filling it just in case there’s any spillage.

use rubber bands to create a cracked look

I rinsed both shirts in cool to warm water, dunking them both until the water was mostly clear.  You can also take them outside and use a garden hose which might make the task easier and quicker.

rinse tshirt in cold water

how to make a tie dye shirt

rinse in cold water until it runs clear

Using a free sample of Shout Color Catcher I washed the tshirts on a quick cycle in cold water, no detergents.

Shout Color Catcher

Free sample of Shout Color Catcher included a coupon for .55 off

use one sheet of Color Catcher in the dryer

Just 1 sheet of the Color Catcher absorbed the excess dye.hang t-shirt indoors or out to dry

Hang to dry indoors or out and it’s ready to wear.  Depending on the look you want to achieve you can add accessories such as a belt, scarf or statement necklace to dress it up.

how to accessorize a t-shirt

how to accessorize a t-shirt with a scarf

summer clothing

Do you remember the tie-dye fads of the 60s?  

Would this be something your kids/grands would enjoy doing together?

how to dye an Easter egg