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Thankful Thursday

Hello Friends and Happy Friday Eve!

When I first started blogging it was just an outlet for me but with each “Like” and “Comment” it became more and more a part of me. There is no greater feeling than to be recognized and awarded for what you do, but when it comes from your own, it’s truly a blessing.

This past summer and also on Monday I was nominated for a few Blogger Awards but was remiss in acknowledging them, so on this Thankful Thursday, I am doing so.

thank you


Beauty Vancouver you TAGGED me in a “Would Your Rather, Beauty Edition. I promise to give my answers, but at my age, I won’t give away too many secrets!


Forever Fitting In presented me with The Sunshine Award and you know how I feel about God’s Gift of Light! I promise to answer all 11 10 questions because I will never reveal “how many pairs of shoes I have”!


Flourishing at Home, thank you so much for the Liebster Award. I’ll answer all 11, 10 of your questions, all except #7, you might think I’m crazy because I’m still trying to catch up on the reading of my 2010 magazines!


Me and My Mini Me also presented me with The Sunshine Award, now the song, “you are my Sunshine my only Sunshine” is stuck in my head. I also promise to answer all of your questions but #6 hurts my heart because the answer is “YES”


Thank you all my Bloggy Friends I truly appreciate each of you.

Now follow me over to Katherine’s Corner, and join in on her Thursdays Favorite Things Blog Hop.  

Have a Thankful Thursday – Smooches!