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Social Media and Seniors

I have decided to use Sunday’s Podcasts for Monday’s blog posts and on October 2nd, the topic was Social Media and Seniors with special guest Demia Avery a new author, you can hear the interview by clicking this link.


On the Podcast I talked about how seniors can use the internet and social media to turn a passion or a lifelong dream into a reality, perhaps even a profitable one.   Whether it’s vlogging, blogging or conducting online workshops and even podcasts, seniors can share their knowledge and expertise with others as a way to supplement their income, to share words of encouragement or wisdom, keep in touch or to relieve isolation and loneliness.

  seniors and an ipad

I started my blog DeDivahDeals in 2012, and what started out as a way to fill a void after the death of my grandmother, turned into something much more. As a matter of fact, my blog was recently nominated as one of the Top Five BEST BLOGS in Delaware and I won’t know until Friday whether or not it was chosen, but if it is I will tweet it out!

Way before starting the blog, DeDivahDeals, I would post my outfits of the day or #ootd as well as deals found in and around the state of Delaware onto Facebook.  However, after a few months, I noticed that my family and friends which at the time was a small circle, wasn’t really feeling it nor was I feeling the love so I decided to head over to YouTube and check it out.

YouTube opened up a whole new world, because there were so many vloggers who also had blogs and they were sharing their daily deals and outfits.  When I saw the Goodwill thriftinistas, I was in paradise! 

After all, growing up in the projects in New Rochelle, NY my grandmother had us at the Salvation Army or Goodwill all the time!  I used to love those big bins full of clothing and I think that is where I got hooked on thrifting and have never been ashamed of doing so even before it become popular to do so. 

Goodwill logo

It was then that I decided to start and blog and have since connected with so many wonderful woman that that void was eventually filled – although I still miss my Nana everyday.  She was 98 years old when she transitioned in 2009, but she stayed active and involved until she the age of 97.  She read constantly, wrote excessively, went to the senior centers, church, shopping and loved talking on the phone.

Mama Midget going to church

She didn’t stop traveling via Amtrak to North Carolina until the age of 95 and when she did it was alone.  She definitely didn’t let any grass grow under her feet and I hope to stay just as active with the help of my family, friends and social media.

My grandmother like so many other seniors have a lifetime of experience which can be shared with the younger generations to make them stronger and more knowledgeable which can only help our future generations.  Believe it or not seniors have and use Ipads/tablets, computers and some even use iPhones to surf the internet, and to connect with family and friends so creating instructional videos is not a long stretch of the anybody’s imagination.

senior are online

You Tube is where people search when looking for tutorials or how to videos, so seniors can create videos of their hobbies, whether it’s crocheting, bridge playing, cooking, gardening, education and training…the sky’s the limit because there is a target audience for everything – trust me.  As a blogger, I have seen some niche blogs that would blow your mind.

Seniors may not be as social media savvy as their kids and grands but they can be assisted by them.  If they prefer to tread lightly at first, create a family Facebook group which is private and open to only the immediate family.  Invite the grandparents so they can keep up with the happenings in the family. 

They can log on anytime of the day or night to share a post whether it’s a family recipe, a poem, or a simple thought or birthday wish and they can also read what other family members have posted. 

Do you have an Uncle Joe that loves telling jokes at the family reunion, well the family Facebook group would give him a platform in which to tell those jokes.  Perhaps Aunt Patty makes a mean Peach Pie, she can post the recipe and even a picture of the finished product and remember everything on the internet ends up in the Cloud. 

There won’t be a need to keep those handwritten recipes that get lost or faded through the years, you can leave your Legacy in the Cloud which is the title of one of my posts that I wrote for my other blog, Blogging with Blake.

There will come a time when your parents and grandparents can no longer travel safely as was the case with my grandmother in her 95th year, which brings me to another great thing about Social Media and Seniors, it can eliminate isolation and loneliness by keeping them in the loop.

According to statistics loneliness and social isolation have been linked to poor health outcomes.  Social Isolation among older adults or seniors who live at home rather than living in senior communities, may be as high as 43%.

Encouraging seniors to remain active in their hobbies and interests, and providing them opportunities to volunteer can help them maintain their sense of purpose and keep them from becoming isolated and lonely. 

So we can help our loved ones become more social media savvy, because you know that millennials, Gen X and Y as well as Teens and Tweens don’t need to leave the house to catch up with friends, follow current events, and find out what’s going on in the world.

seniors are online

E-mail and websites are one way to do this, but using a social media site like Facebook makes it even easier for an older adult to feel connected, simply by being able to see what others are posting.

Facebook also offers plenty of opportunities to participate in “watercooler” discussions of current goings-on and share recommendations for books, movies, and music.

Ask yourself: Don’t you feel more motivated to get out and see a movie or visit a restaurant if your friends are talking about it? The same is true for your parent or loved one.Smile

In prepping for this evening’s podcast I found a great post over at which listed 11 benefits of social media for senior citizens that I want to share:

1. Keep in touch

Social media is a remarkable tool for keeping in touch, especially for seniors who keep in touch with kids, grandkids, and sometimes even great grandkids, but it’s more than just family. Seniors are finding their college roommates, best friends from “the block” and elementary school crushes. The social networks enable us to view videos, read blog posts, share pictures and have conversations with people who we thought we’d never see again. Grandparents are friends with college-aged grandkids and keeping up with their accomplishments. To say social media has revolutionized the way families connect is an understatement.

2. Research

Seniors use social media tools to learn more about topics that interest them. In some cases it can lead them to cultivate hobbies and business ideas, and in other cases, such as with all the inaccurate health information available, it can be a confusing mix of resources. However, the Internet is enabling the over 50 crowd to learn more about new products, work on their genecology, and learn something new.

3. Ask questions

I don’t know about you, but I get frustrated navigating the phone menu to nowhere, so do so many others. By using the online tools available, many senior citizens can reach out via Twitter, Facebook, videos, blogs and live chats. Being able to talk to representatives and have all their questions answered, without being intimidated by voices, attitudes and a phone menu that doesn’t seem to lead anywhere, gives folks more confidence in a product.


4. Entertainment

Senior citizens can watch old television shows and movies, as well as find videos from “back in the day.” They can read ebooks, articles and blog posts, find song lyrics and find out what their favorite entertainers are up to. They can play games, either by themselves or with family and friends. Shut ins or those who can’t get out and around as well as they used to no longer have to feel lonely when they’re home alone.

5. Start a new business

Being online allows folks of all ages to start a new business. Perhaps they can sell crafts or give coaching advice. Or maybe they want to get into freelance writing or some sort of consulting. Many senior citizens would love to work but companies don’t want to hire them as they feel they’re “too old.” With social media and so many online productivity and networking tools, senior citizens no longer have to be forced into retirement.

6. Grow an existing business

Seniors who are still in business need to keep up with new programs and technologies. Social media enables them to stay in the game and compete with younger businesses. Use social media tools to connect and share. Answer questions, promote events and sales and more.

7. Learn

Just because one is retired or out of school doesn’t necessarily mean one wants to stop learning. Seniors are now taking courses online and reading online books, posts, articles and more to keep their minds active. Because seniors are now better able to keep up with emerging technologies, they don’t have to be considered “old and out of touch” and can hold their own in a conversation.

8. Share

Senior citizens aren’t merely people who are older than us. They’re also people who have been in the trenches. They have amazing stories and brilliant ideas. Through social media they can share all that good stuff with others. Seniors can blog about how life was when they were growing up or how things have changed during their lifetime. They network online and offer advices and mentoring to younger people and students and they can start Facebook pages to talk to others their age.

9. Meet others

The social networks allow us to meet others, for both business and pleasure. (No, not that kind of pleasure, I’m not talking Craigslist.) From online meetings seniors can plan offline meetups and networking events with like minded people and people their age.

10. Find work

65 is no longer the age of retirement for active seniors. Many would like to continue working, if not full time with an established business, they can also consult and freelance. Various networks enable them to find opportunities, post online resumes and view and apply for job listings.

11. Take advantage of sales and online opportunities

By following their favorite businesses and brands, seniors can save money by taking advantage of promotional opportunities. Many times freebies and discounts are only available via a Facebook page or for Twitter followers.

So like many of my fans, followers and even attendees of my blogging workshops who have either started a blog or are writing and teaching memoir writing classes these are other great benefits to consider when restarting or jump starting your next phase in life. 

Have you seen the commercial for Ford that comes equipped with WiFi and the grandmother in the passenger seat says to her grandson, “do you mean I can update my blog from here” and he looks at her in amazement and responds, “grandma you have a blog!”

And not only are some senior centers starting their memberships at the age of 50, there are very active seniors out there becoming Encore Entrepreneurs as I am one myself – at the age of 55, I am the owner of A.Blake Enterprises, Social Media Management and Consulting.   Head over to for more information. 

Do you have any tips for seniors and social media?

My Birthday Suit

No, I didn’t wear my birthday suit on my 55th birthday which was September 20th, but I did want to show you what I did wear during my birthday week. 

This black and white stripped dress with a bit of blue is very flattering one of which I think was purchased at Ross Dress for Less.  I chose to wear with my sandals from Sears, remember when I posted these on Instagram?

sandals from Sears Fashion after Fifty what I wore on my birthday


On Wednesday I attended a Networking Event at the Chase Center on the Riverfront and wore this black and beige dress from Avon.  I had a great time posing with the cutouts of the various candidates.  Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and of course our current Vice President Joe Biden.

The beige pumps are Chinese Laundry purchased from DSW and check out the beige purse on the ground – it was thrifted new from Goodwill!

Chase Center on the Riverfront
Joe Biden at the Chase Center Bernie Sanders at the Chase Center on the Riverfront

Instagram frame

On Thursday, I wore this black and white maxi skirt – do you see a pattern here – yes, I love the classic black and white combo.  Thursday was also the night that we put together the Swag Bags for KalediscopeDE and I wasn’t the only one who wore a black and white skirt.

transition to the autumn attire fashion after fifty

It was definitely a great birthday week and I am looking for a wonderful year.  Now I can let you in on my secret which I posted about on a Facebook Livestream on Friday.  I have been invited to collaborate with Chadwick’s of Boston and Metrostyle so stay tuned for the next few outfits which will feature clothing and accessories from both of these fantastic companies.

In case you missed Social Media Sunday with the Delaware Blogger broadcast on Sunday, here is the link as it was a great segment with my guest, Nikki Valentine who is a fashion designer and stylist.


Obviously sleeveless was the call of the week but now it’s sweater weather.  Have you transitioned your wardrobe yet?

Happy Birthday and Vote 4 Me

Today is my 55th Birthday and the perfect gift would be your vote for DeDivahDeals as the BEST BLOG in the 2016 Delaware Black Awards contest.

Vote DeDivahDeals as BEST Blog

You can vote only once per device, so please vote using your Android Smartphone or iPhone, Tablet, Laptop, and computer at work and please ask your friends to do the same!

Thank you very much and I’ll see ya tomorrow!


Also, if you missed Sunday’s episode of Social Media Sunday with the Delaware Blogger on AAU Teen Talk Radio, please click the pic to hear the replay.

AAU Teen Talk Radio with the Delaware Blogger


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New Year…More Money with The Delaware Financial Literacy Programs

dfli banner


The New Year is an ideal opportunity to set and to create new money habits.  Whether your goal is saving, buying a home, or starting a business, there is a Money School class which can assist you. Check out The Money School class schedule and register for their free classes. You can even bring a friend!

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There’s no better time than today,

Social Media 101 Training 

Join us and learn how to create a savvy social media strategy. Social media experts will discuss creative e-mail marketing, maximizing video content, blogging tips, and media relations.

Guest Speakers:

  • Antionette Blake, Blogger, DeDivahDeals
  • Amy Cherry, WDEL
  • Carl Immediato, Talk Fusion
  • Randi Penfil, Constant Contact
  • Stacey Schiller, Stacey Link

When: Thursday, Jan. 30 ~ Time: 10:00am to 2:00pm
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Lynnette Khalfani-Cox

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Dermagist Neck Restoration Cream

*This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Demagist Skin Care.  All opinions are 100% mine.

I grew up hearing the phrase, “Black Don’t Crack“, but that may not be the case in all situations, especially if you don’t take care of the skin you’re in.  Natural aging combined with the lack of sleep, smoking, or overexposure to UV Rays can crack the best of skin no matter the color!  Not all signs of skin damage are visible so I make sure to remove my make up, cleanse my face and moisturize every night.

I’m fortunate to have tight skin with no visible wrinkles, but at 51, I’ve overexposed my skin to the sun’s harmful rays and am also an ex-smoker.  I can see fine lines developing in my face so now is the time to take more action including caring for my chest and neck area.

OOTD 6 14 and 6 17 021

I was contacted by and asked to do a sponsored post for their product Dermagist Neck Restoration Cream, so the timing was perfect.  I don’t know much about “anti-aging” products, but do know that taking care of my skin now will definitely pay off in the future.  Eventually if we’re lucky, we get to meet “Father Time“, and how we chose to greet him is in our hands.

Product Reviews 005

Dermagist Neck Restoration Cream is supposed to lift, tighten and firm, as well as smooth out fine lines and wrinkles while deeply moisturizing the skin.  Now that’s a lot to expect from this little 60 ml bottle but I was excited to give it a try.

Product Reviews 003

The first thing I noticed about Dermagist was that it didn’t have an overpowering scent nor was it thick or oily.  It’s very light and absorbed quickly into my skin.  As directed, I’ve been using it twice a day for over a month and I can definitely see and feel the difference.  My neck and the V-zone area in my chest is silky smooth all day and it feels fully moisturized.

OOTD 6 14 and 6 17 015

OOTD 6 14 and 6 17 017

Dermagist Neck Restoration Cream did not irritate my skin and it contains several all natural ingredients including sesame protein, apple stem cells extract, and Shea Butter.  Dermagist has now become part of my daily beauty routine, with the bottle always in plain sight – you know forgetfulness also comes with aging (lol).

OOTD 6 14 and 6 17 019

Dermagist Skin Care has offered to give one of my readers a free bottle of Dermagist Neck Restoration Cream.  All you need to do is “Like” Dermagist and DeDivahDeals Facebook pages, then leave a comment as to why you would be excited to try the product.

Make sure to refer your friends ~ a winner will be randomly chosen on July 15th. Good luck!

Product Review/Giveaway disclosure: I received one or more of the products mentioned above from Dermagist Skin Care to test/review/giveaway in exchange for my opinion and for the purpose of writing this post. I only recommend products or services I use personally and I believe will be “family friendly.” I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commissions 16 CFR, Part 255 “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”


Daily Deal Superstore

Hello Friends, I hope your day is going well!

You know me, DeDivahDeals, always looking for a bargain, well I came across what I think is the best way to find and buy daily deals.  In the past, I have bought deals from Groupon and Living Social but the constant emails for deals that I wasn’t interested in was annoying.  Thankfully, this is not the case with has all the deals in one place – from the recognizable, big names to the really local deal companies, and everything in between.  I have created my own profile so I only get the deals from Wilmington, and the surrounding areas and Philadelphia, PA and I don’t have to read through a bunch of others.   I can change my profile any time, so when I plan a trip I can add my destination and pick out a few cool deals before I leave. gives me a lot of categories to choose from so it’s really easy to either see the deals I want and hide the ones that I’m not interested in. Beauty deals not your thing? No problem, deselect the box and those deals won’t show up in your personalized list. has a great Facebook app too, so I can share deals with my Facebook friends – and earn rewards!   We all could earn points from every deal and redeem them for gift cards.  Saving money on deals AND earning rewards – winning!

Anywho, click on the banner below to register and start getting some great deals today – try it, I think you’ll like it!

Daily Deal Superstore

Going to check out some deals for Father’s Day! 


OOTD – Thrifted & Target Tuesday

Hello friends and Happy Tuesday before Thanksgiving

Yesterday, after work I met with two representatives from The Money School of Delaware.  They had read my post, “From Purses to Portfolios” and were so impressed that they offered me an opportunity to create their blog as well as host various training webinars.  Attending events and writing about women’s issues mixed with the fashion and savings was exactly where I wanted to take this blog.  Now that this has come to fruition so quickly I want to thank God for I am truly blessed and look forward to working with some great people at The Money School.

I will keep you posted as to when it goes live because it will be separate from my dedivahdeals blog.


Blazer and Top – thrifted from GW Boutique (Goodwill) // Pencil Skirt – Target // Chinese Laundry Suede Pumps – DSW


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