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Summer Sangria Slush

Disclosure:  I was provided a sample of the Luis The Marinero Sangria to facilitate this review, however, all opinions are 100% my own.  Drink Responsibly. #luisthemarinero #sangriasummer #ad


Hello Summer!!! 


Family fun in the sun with backyard pool parties and lots of food on the grill are great ways to kick off this year’s summer season.  So why not make the days even sweeter with a Summer Sangria Slush and enter for a chance to win an authentic Sangria pitcher from Spain.

Summer Sangria Slush


Luis The Marinero Sangria wine was recently introduced exclusively in Delaware, New York and New Jersey and when my friends over at Regal Wine asked if I’d like to toast in the summer with a sample, you know me…I had to say, “sí” 

Regal Wine

I checked online and found several Sangria Slush recipes but decided to make a simple three ingredient slush using the Red Sangria, Ice and Watermelon.



1 Cup Red Sangria

1 Cup Ice

1/3 Cup of Watermelon

Summer Slush

Combine Sangria Red wine, ice cubes, and watermelon in a blender; process until smooth. Serve immediately or freeze.  This quick and naturally sweet (sans sugar) summer slush got me in and out of the kitchen in a jiffy.

Luis The Marinero


Enjoy a Sangria Summer

This authentic Spanish sangria is the perfect beverage for a sunny afternoon. Infused with citrus and cinnamon, Luis the Marinero is light on alcohol and refreshing in taste. Try it in red, white, and rosé.

Sangria Summer Promotion

Win a Sangria Pitcher from Spain! Simply upload a photo of yourself enjoying a sangria summer to for a chance to win.

Regal Wine will select one winning photograph each week, from June through August, and post winners on Facebook and Instagram.

enter to win at Sangria Summer

About the Wine:


White Sangria

Alcohol level 6%
Infused with citrus and tropical aromas, this crisp white wine offers a clean, fruity taste and a refreshing finish.

Red Sangria

Alcohol level 6%
Ruby red wine mingles with blueberries, cherries, and a hint of citrus and cinnamon. This rich sangria has a sweet and satisfying aftertaste.

Rose Sangria

Alcohol level 6%
A fresh pink wine blends with strawberry, raspberry, and citrus flavors. Sparkling and sweet, the rose sangria has an effervescent finish.

About the Winery:

Regal Wine is the exclusive American importer of Luis The Marinero. Bottled by the Spanish winery Bodegas Valdepablo, this authentic sangria celebrates wine-based drinks passed down from generation to generation since 1928. Luis The Marinero sangria pays tribute to the winery’s history, summer, and the sparkling Mediterranean Sea.  

Which flavor would you like to try?

4 Totally Awesome Themes for Your End of Summer Party

4 Totally Awesome Themes for Your End of Summer Party

Author: Whitney Hollingshead

Have you planned an end of summer party yet? If not, you really should start planning soon. Summer is the perfect time to throw a party for any reason and you still have a small window of time to enjoy what’s left of the summer season. Whether you want to put together a last minute party for your family, a group of friends, or the entire neighborhood, these themes and accompanying ideas will help you plan and execute a party that’s bound to be one of the highlights of your entire summer.

Ice Cream Sundae. Classic hot fudge sundae.

Ice Cream Sundae. Classic hot fudge sundae.


This fun and yet low key party can be thrown together in a single day if necessary. Send out invitations to your guests. You can use cards, flyers, text messages, email, a Facebook notification, or word of mouth depending on your own personal style. Plan the party for an upcoming Sunday afternoon or evening.

The Basics: Purchase large containers of ice cream (enough for all of your guests). You can choose any combination of flavors, but plain vanilla will probably work the best. Ask each guest to bring two ice cream sundae toppings with them to the party. Set up a sundae building station. (Indoors may work best so that you can keep the ice cream frozen nearby until a new container is needed. However, you can guide guests outside to blankets or chairs on the grass once they have made their own sundaes.)

Take it to the Next Level: Have warm freshly baked cookies available for your guests to top with ice cream and toppings.

Other Considerations: If you’d like this party to be more than a simple social gathering, you can play music and encourage guests to dance. Or you can set up a game of volleyball, break out Twister, or play games like tic-tac-toe or hangman on the driveway with sidewalk chalk.


An end of summer block party is the perfect way to get to know your neighbors better.Just remember to focus your guest list on all of your nearby neighbors.

The Basics: Choose a central location in your neighborhood (even a cul-de-sac or quiet street may work) and notify all of your neighbors of the location, date, and time. Make the event a potluck meal and ask each neighbor to bring two potluck items to share. You can also encourage each household to bring their own plates, cups, and utensils, if desired. Spend the evening chatting with the adults and set up some simple games for the kids.

Take it to the Next Level: Assign a theme to your potluck meal. For example, make the potluck an appetizer night and ask each household to bring two different appetizers to share.

Other Considerations: You can also ask each household to bring their own lawn chairs or camp chairs so that everyone has a place to sit (other than on the sidewalk or grass).


If you have access to a swimming pool, you have probably spent a fair amount of time at the pool already this summer. Instead of throwing a basic pool party, mix things up by planning an outdoor movie at the pool.

The Basics: In order to execute a pool movie party, you will need to think about the technical requirements, ideal timing, seating arrangements, pool friendly food, and the best movie to show. You can learn what’s needed for all of these logistics by checking out the great tips listed here.

Take it to the Next Level: Plan food that goes along with the movie. For example, if you are showing Napoleon Dynamite, you can serve cartons of milk and tater tots.

Other Considerations: If children will be attending your party, have a plan for extra safety measures. Showing a movie may distract a lot of your guests and children should always be closely supervised near water.

Friends having garden party at summer time

Friends having garden party at summer time


Baseball is an American pastime, but kickball tends to be more conducive to a party as it works well for a spectrum of abilities and ages and requires only one piece of equipment to play. Here’s how you can turn a pickup game of kickball into a party:

The Basics: Head to the nearest baseball or softball diamond. If possible, reserve one in advance. Divide your guests into teams and quickly go over the general rules of kickball. Determine a set number of innings ahead of time and let the game commence. Bring drinks and treats that are easy to transport for everyone to enjoy after the game. For example, toss some juice pouches in a cooler with ice and bring s’mores treats. (Make rice krispie treats using Golden Grahams instead of rice cereal and melt half a bag of chocolate chips with the marshmallows.)

Take it to the Next Level: Divide up the teams in advance and assign team colors. Encourage each guest to arrive dressed in their team color.

Other Considerations: Mix things up by adding a new requirement every inning for running the bases. For example, in the first inning all players must sing the Star Spangled Banner while running from bases to base. If they forget to sing, they’re out. In the second inning, all players must run with their hands on top of their heads, and so on.

You can use any of the ideas above or use this article for inspiration to formulate your own perfect theme. The end of summer is fast approaching so start planning your end of summer party today!

Guest Post Disclaimer