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OOTD – Flower Power

April, May and June Showers brings Spring Flowers!

The floral dress has me blending into the beautiful greenery of Spring, so I guess all those rain showers were worth it! I simply adore this dress which was recently purchased from Charmingly Linda’s Consignment Shop, and I think the beaded bracelet adds to the 60’s retro look.

Dress – Charmingly Linda’s Consignment Shop// Shoes – Avon// Pashima – Boscov’s// Ring and Lipwear – Avon//Bracelets new with tags for $1.00 – Flea Market Vendor// Earrings – jewelry box


OOTD- Rain Rain Go Away – NOT

This year there wasn’t enough April showers to bring May flowers so all this rain is a welcomed relief  to the farmers and lawn and garden enthusiasts.

The birds are happy because the ground is soft making it easier to find a meal, the plants and grass are happy because they weren’t as green  due to the  drought like conditions but most importantly the allergy sufferers are happy to have the pollen washed away!

I am happy because I get to wear a few more long sleeve shirts before the blast of summer heat comes barreling in and you know it will in full force!

Red & White Gingham Shirt – Goodwill// Black Slacks – closet staple// Red&White Gingham Wedges – Charlotte Russe

Belt – Ross// Ring – Icings// Earrings –