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15 Tips to Help You Sell Your Home This Summer

15 Tips to Help You Sell Your Home This Summer

Author: Alyssa Craig

Within the next few years, hubby and I will be downsizing and moving into a 55+ development but I have begun the process of decluttering now.  If you are also looking to downsize or are preparing to sell your home this summer, here are a few tips to help you.

Do you need to sell your home this summer?

You are in luck because summer is the best time of year to sell. Tax refunds tend to bring many potential buyers into the house hunt and many families want to move during summer break in order to avoid disrupting school. Summer also brings better weather for moving, as you are not likely to have to move during a rain or snow storm.

As you put your house on the market, follow these guidelines to help your house sell more quickly this summer:

Interior Of Beautiful Contemporary Lounge

Interior Of Beautiful Contemporary Lounge

1.  Price it Right: Shave 10-15% off the home’s value from the beginning. You run the risk of not getting the value, but the reward may be a bidding war that sends the final bid above the value. At the very least it could lead to a faster result.

2.  Half Empty Closets: You will want to show off the storage space available, so take quite a bit out of the closets. Keep the remaining items organized as most buyers will open most closets.

3.  Maximize Lighting: A bright house is more appealing so take the time to clean windows, take down drapes and curtains, increase light bulb wattage, and trim trees or bushes that may be blocking windows.

4.  Put Pets Away: Not everyone likes pets or they may even be allergic. When your house is being shown, make sure your pets are not around and be sure to put away their toys, food, and litter box.

Yard of suburban home

5.  Enhance the Curb Appeal: Plant bright flowers, clean up the yard and pressure wash the drive. You want the first impression to be enough to get the buyer to consider the rest of the house.

6.  Depersonalize: Take down religious items, family pictures, and anything political. People like to be able to picture themselves there and often can’t if they are reminded you live there.

7.  Declutter: Rooms are best shown off when you can see more of them. Put away countertop appliances, make sure piles are cleaned up, and store away excess items and decorations.

8.  Stage the Room: If there is a room or a nook without any particular purpose, give it one! Convert awkward nooks into small office spaces or display as organized storage.

9.  Make it Easy: Be flexible on when potential buyers can come see the house and be ready to show at short notice. If you can leave the house during this time, this is even better so shoppers can feel more relaxed and able to move around the house.

10. Utilize Every Internet Avenue: Make sure your home is all over the web, including all the major home selling sites and even on social media like Facebook. The more exposure your home gets, the more likely it is to find someone who is in the market to buy it.

11. Good Online Photos: Most people start their home search online these days and if they do not like what they see there, they probably will not take the time to go see it in person. Taking the time to have professional pictures taken could make a big difference in the long run.

12. Make Repairs: If there is anything that needs repaired it is best to do it before the house goes on the market. You can also touch up rooms, apply a fresh coat of paint, or even replace old looking hardware. But be careful to not go overboard, especially with really trendy updates.

13. Be Willing to Leave Good Items: Throwing in the top of the line kitchen appliances or a great electronic can make you stand out against competition and make your home more desirable.

14. Know the Competition: With different homes on the market, you may find yourself up against a short sale or a pre-foreclosure, where the seller might be more flexible in order to avoid negative effects to their credit as described here. Knowing what you are up against can help you know how and when to step up your game.

15. Hire the Right Person: Do your research before you hire a realtor and make sure they are someone who follows the tactics listed here and has a record for good selling practices. They will help your home become the most desirable house in the area!

Couple Standing By For Sale Sign Outside Home

Couple Standing By For Sale Sign Outside Home

Selling your home is the beginning of a new chapter in your life and you want to start it off on the right foot. Follow these steps to have a successful experience and attract someone new to love your home as much as you have.

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