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You Pick the Purse

You Pick the Purse

I’ve had to cut back on the “You Choose the Shoes” series now that hubby is no longer my photographer. I’m letting him get more rest in the morning, so it’s just me and the camera and sometimes using the timer takes longer than changing the shoes. But never fear, it’s not a done deal my dears we will one day resume.  So in the mean time and in between time let’s try, “You Pick the Purse!”

White to Polka Dot OOTW

I am not even going to get into how many purses that I actually have, but I will admit that I recently got mad at myself when I found a whole container of them under the bed! I am however, trying to declutter and have sold several and my recent Yard Sales so eventually, I’d like to get it down to about 2 dozen! Shoot, I still remember back in the 80’s when I ‘had’ to have a purse to match every pair of shoes to match every outfit – crazy right?

What is your accessory obsession or do you even have one?

If you remember this dress, it was for a sponsored post for Midnight Velvet and I love their Google+ page.  They are always having contests and giveaways, so check them out when you get a chance.

dress from Midnight Velvet

I am glad that I chose this dress to feature because not only are Polka Dots prints my favorite but also because it can be worn all four seasons. I’ve worn it with a cardigan sweater in Autumn and with a blazer in the Winter.

Also, it has side pockets, not that I use them to store anything, but I do like that it’s not just an “A line” dress, like the other sheath dresses that I have.

Dress from Midnight Velvet

I found this clutch in the back of my closet and remember that it was thrifted from Goodwill last year. I thought it might pair well if I were going out to dinner or to church, but the red tote is much more practical for wearing to work.

Clutch thifted from Goodwill

The neckline on this dress is very flattering and I don’t usually like skinny belts but I do like how this one fits on me!

red tote from Walmart

This red tote was purchased from Walmart but I have a few others in similar styles from Avon.  Love love love these Jessica Simpson sandals!!

Pick the Purse

Okay, so which purse would you pick to wear with this dress?

You Pick the Purse