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Do You Eat Alone with Others?

Do you remember when eating alone in a restaurant was looked upon as being an awkward situation? Did you ever walk into a restaurant and feel sorry for the person who sat alone with only a book for companionship or perhaps looking straight down into their plate to avoid eye contact with others?


Well those days are long gone, now most people want to dine alone as a matter of fact, they eat heads down and not in prayer, it’s because nine times out of ten most are looking down communicating with their iPhone or Android, even if seated with others.  It always cracks me up when I see a young couple out on a date and both of them are heads down texting or reading from their individual Smartphones.


I often wonder, how will they get to know each other – will they be using words in the future or will they digress back to being hunched over grunting a few words or symbols – lol

If I were a college student today, my major would definitely be in medicine specializing in chiropractic services!

Dining alone which once was viewed as an embarrassment is no longer taboo even at home as there are several reports that have shown that nearly half of all meals and snacks are eaten in solitude.

Marketers have taken note as well, which is why I love the commercials for Dixie “bemorehere” campaign.  It places emphasis on family meal time being with friends and families, fully engaged in conversations, love and laughter and no technology!

Breakfast is the number one meal which is usually eaten alone, whether it’s at home, in the car or at one’s desk. I am guilty of this one especially during the work week. I do however, enjoy having coffee with hubby on the weekends. Family breakfast time or lack thereof, has really hurt demand for items such as orange juice, milk and eggs with more demand for microwavable and fast food meals.

Lunch is number two when it comes to eating solo. Lunch, when eaten at work is usually at one’s desk in a cubicle or office with little to no interaction with peers. Again, I am guilty of this, but I have made it a habit to have lunch with a fellow co-worker at least once per month, otherwise, we are both “brown bagging” it everyday.

Dinner, my all time favorite meal of the day is one that I do enjoy preparing and eating with the family. We may be guilty of watching television while doing so, but we are together watching the same show, eating where each can be seen and for me, this is the best part of the day.

How about you, are you a (Han) solo eater?