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Never Too Old for Short Sets and Sneakers!

Never too old for short sets and sneakers!

Growing up in Mt. Vernon and New Rochelle, New York, during the 60s, summer was the best time of the year. School was out and there was always a parade, picnic or block party to attend. We had a lot of friends and family who was always getting together to eat, drink or just play games.

Summer Shorts set and sneakers After cleaning the apartment, we would run up to North Avenue to see the annual parade. My grandmother always bought my sister and I matching red, white and blue outfits and we dressed as if we were twins. Only a little over a year apart we could actually could pass for twins because everyone thought of us as ‘Toni and Gloria‘ never just one or the other.

Summer Shorts and Sundress 014

Catching a bus to go shopping at Korvettes in the Bronx was definitely one of the best memories I have from childhood. My grandmother couldn’t afford to get us the best sneakers but trying on the ones in the big bins attached with a stretchy string was fun.

Korvettes-1962 korvette 62 girls dept Shuffling around the store in too big sneakers didn’t bother us as all, you see my grandmother didn’t believe it buying shoes or sneakers that fit, they had to be larger so that we could grow into them. A little toilet paper stuffed in the toes worked fine for us.

Summer Shorts and Sundress 017

Now that both my sister and grandmother are gone, those summer memories are even more special. Having recently purchased a short set and sneakers from Rainbow Shops had my mind and heart filled with with those wonderful childhood memories and no matter how old we get, somethings never change.

Summer Shorts and Sundress 015

No matter my age, I am never too old for a short set & sneakers!

Happy 4th of July Holiday my friends…now go make some memories!  

P.S.  Don’t forget the sunscreen!

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