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Summer Scarf & Thankful Thursday - Personalized Romantic Gifts
Hello friends,


I am thankful that the summer weather here in the Mid-Atlantic area has not been oppressively hot and humid.  We did get some really heated days earlier in the season but then came those low to mid-80’s temps which were fantastic.

Last month I read a blog post by Mo over at “Who is that Girl Mo” which gave me the inspiration to wear this scarf.

Summer Scarf

I wore the outfit on a Casual Friday which is when I like wearing my white jeans or pants.

Thrifted White pants

I have several pairs of white pants, these included which were thrifted from Goodwill, the infinity scarf was purchased last fall from Burlington Coat Factory.

Summer Scarf

The sleeveless tank top, tote bag and wrap-around bracelet are all from Avon – didn’t I tell you that they have nice accessories!

Summer Scarf

I love how these Montego Bay sandals pulls in the colors from the scarf.  

Thank you Mo for the inspiration, whoa, hold on…wait a minute…come to think of it…I did wear a summer scarf last year…uh oh, I think I just had a a “senior moment”!


infinity scarf worn with a maxi

June 2013 OOTD – click on picture to see entire post

Well it was probably a temporary lapse in memory, but I am thankful that I did remember and thanks to Mo’s post, it was the trigger.


This has been yet another wonderful week and yesterday our ‘baby bird’ left the nest!  Both of our sons are now in college and I am thankful for that, even if my wallet isn’t.  

I am thankful for the time we have together as a family, I am thankful for my friends and of most importantly I am thankful for my faith. 

Now it’s your turn – what are you thankful for this week?  

I hope you will join me over at Katherine’s Corner to share some of your favorite things.


You Choose the Shoes Week 18
Hello friends,

Welcome to week 18 of “You Choose the Shoes”. I am happy to report that the denim shoes finally won NOT!  Believe it or not, it was almost a tie but Ms. Elle squeaked ahead at the last minute.  

Thank you all for voting and especially for making me feel good with those “you looked so young comments”!

winner of week 18


It seems like denim just can’t win em!  I know these heels were nice but must agree that they were a bit much with the denim maxi dress.  I did however, get suggestions on what to wear with them…so here is one way, what do you think?

Shoe Remix fashion after fifty 8 15 14

Now onto this week’s contenders who are vying to be the chosen one for this colorful maxi dress.

Charlotte Russe -vs- Montego Bay

Both lend a little Island flare for the end of the summer.  First choice are the Montego Bay slides from Payless versus Charlotte Russe slides or as I like to call them “lady in red”.

I love wearing slides with maxi dresses, because they are so comfy to slip on and easy to kick off under my desk or while driving the car. 

OOTD 7 30 and 31 14 015

Do you think the Montego Bay stripes are a bit too much and clash with all the colors in the dress?

You choose the shoes week 18

How about the red Charlotte Russe?  Is it just enough of one color to pull in the red from the top as not to be overpowered by the other colors in the dress – what do you think?

Charlotte Russe Sandals


which will it be, the lady in red?


Montego Bay Sandals

Montego Bay Stripes  

Before you choose, take a look at them solo:

OOTD 7 30 and 31 14 027 OOTD 7 30 and 31 14 025

Okay, after leaving a comment below hop over to see Karen aka MrsLookingGood because she has some awesome Up Close and Personal features!

Charlotte Russe Sandals


Stay Blessed ~ No Stress in 2014!


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