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Thrifting During Thanksgiving

Hello Friends and Happy Hump Day Wednesday

I trust you all had a safe and enjoyable long Thanksgiving weekend with an opportunity to do something special.  Everyday I am thankful for the little things that God blesses me with and even more so when I can share those blessings with others.

On Friday fellow thriftanista and BLMGirl, Whitney Nic James embarked on a Thrift with Nic Weekend Tour (#twntour) sponsored by Kia Motors and her first stop was in Delaware. I honestly had no plans of going out or even getting dressed but when she texted I knew I couldn’t let her visit my state without seeing her.  It wasn’t just because we are fellow bloggers but because I’ve adopted her as my “lil sis”, and you know that I lost my real ‘lil sis in a car accident in 1992.

I quickly dressed and drove to meet her at the Goodwill Outlet in New Castle.  The outlet wasn’t originally on her agenda but one of the consignment shops that she chose was closed and thankfully the outlet was closer to me.

Thrifting during Thanksgiving Break

I had never been to a Goodwill Outlet and from the looks of things it was obvious that it’s the “early birds that get all the worms”. Somewhat disappointed but not defeated, I suggested we head further south down to Smyrna, to one of my favorite Goodwill locations.  Her husband, Darrius was the driver and also a native Delawarean, however, he had never been to the Smyrna store and was eager to go.

Thrifting during Thanksgiving Break Whitney and her new hubby Darrius are a thrifting duo!

Thrifting during Thanksgiving Break Can’t leave a Delaware Goodwill without buying a

“I Love Thrifting” t-shirt!

It was the day before Goodwill’s 50% off Saturday Sale but there were a few items that I just couldn’t pass up. Thrifting during Thanksgiving Break Thrifting during Thanksgiving Break Thrifting during Thanksgiving Break Thrifting during Thanksgiving Break Thrifting during Thanksgiving Break 021 Thrifting during Thanksgiving Break Thrifting during Thanksgiving Break Thrifting during Thanksgiving Break

If you read my profile you know that I am a big supporter of Goodwill, not just because I love to thrift but because it was the last place my sister worked before her untimely death.  She is the first thought that comes to mind when I enter a Goodwill but on this trip she was more than just a passing thought.  

My sister had a best friend named Darlene, they were inseparable until she left to join the United States Air Force, and it was during that time they became separated forever.  Darlene was in Boot Camp when Gloria was killed in a car accident and unfortunately wasn’t able to attend the funeral.  Darlene and I spoke briefly afterwards but never saw each other again … not until Friday and at all places… Goodwill.

Thrifting during Thanksgiving Break

Between the hugs and tears, I discovered that she now lives in Smyrna and works in Middletown, and is also newly married.  How amazing was it that thanks to my adopted ‘lil sis, I was reunited with my real ‘lil sis’ best friend at a Goodwill!  #blessed

What started out as a Black Friday turned into a Blessed Friday!

Thrifting during Thanksgiving Break

Thrifting during Thanksgiving Break 016

Thrifting during Thanksgiving Break

I am linking up with Whitney’s Personal Style Wednesday so come on over and meet some other thrifting fashionistas.

Have a fantabulous day – Smooches!



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  1. imagesbytdashfield

    Awww you got to meet one of the BLMgirls – cool! And a wonderful story too.

    1. DeDivahDeals

      Thank you, it was my little “Christmas miracle” Hope you are having a Happy Hump Day!

      1. imagesbytdashfield

        Wish I were doing better. I think I may have “the” bug :(

        1. DeDivahDeals

          oh, try to get plenty of rest…and feel better soon.

  2. Whitney James

    It was SO nice connecting and shopping with you. Next time I’m in DE for a while, we have to hang out again. Love ya!


    1. DeDivahDeals

      Definitely and get something to eat – after all the shopping I was famished!! Love ya “lil sis”

  3. Neti*

    Looks like Good FUN and you got some great buys to boot. Meet & Greets are so rewarding and you hit the jackpot.. . . HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!

    1. DeDivahDeals

      Yes it was fun and I would have stayed longer and found more had Saturday not been 50% off – lol! Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  4. swood97

    What a wonderful story! I, too, am a Thriftaholic! It is nice to ‘meet’ a fellow blogger with a passion for thrifting. Ya’ll definitely racked up some good deals at Goodwill!

    1. DeDivahDeals

      Thank you and I am glad to meet you too. My blog started exclusively as a thrifting site but I had to cut back…running out of closet space – lol. I do, however, donate and support GW in all that it does. Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  5. cindy knoke

    Another great haul! You have the magic touch! Your blog is harder to read now, but always worth it! Happy Holidays my friend~

    1. DeDivahDeals

      Thanks sweetie, is it the colors? I am still trying to get the combinations right – any suggestions?

  6. Monica Roese (Glamvolution)

    What a sweet and touching story about your sister and her friend. You are my kind of girls with that Thanksgiving haul!! Looks like you guys did really well on that thrift hunt, so jealous!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment, I’m happy to be a fan of your blog!!

    1. DeDivahDeals

      Thank you my dear, I am glad you stopped by and took the time to comment. Sometimes life can be way too short so we much cherish the moments with our loved ones. Happy Friday Eve!

  7. Oh to Be a Muse

    Looks like a very successful outing of thrifting. I like the dress you showcased.

    Come enter the Boy Meets Girl personalized hoodie giveaway as part of my holiday gift guide!

    1. DeDivahDeals

      Thank you, I will check it out – hope you are having a great “Friday Eve”!

  8. kittehluvs

    the polka dot skirt…. MY FAVORITE!

    1. DeDivahDeals

      Yep – gotta love the dots!

  9. Beauty Vancouver

    Love the leopard print top and shoes! Sorry to hear about your sister Antionette. I’ve lost a sister too, so I know how painful it can be.

    1. DeDivahDeals

      Yes, and I too am sorry to hear about your sister – the loss is worse during the holidays. I dohope you have a wonderful weekend!

I love reading your comments!

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