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Aug 29

What the fart? Why Passing Gas is Good For You! 😂

What the fart? Why passing gas is good for you! 😂 I remember when my grandmother was alive, it seemed like every time she stood up she would pass gas.  It wasn’t a stinky fart, just loud and what I thought was inappropriate.  I would give her the side eye and then moan “mom”,  she …

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Nov 18

6 Benefits of Sunlight in Your Home

6 Benefits of Sunlight in Your Home by Aleksandre McMenamin In most cases, people typically want to separate the inside of their home’s from the abundance of nature that is outdoors. However, when it comes to lighting the inside of your home, that may not be the best way to approach it. Turns out, we …

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Nov 11

72 Tips for Staying Young

72 Tips for Staying Young Darci Maxwell, author Every day, an estimate of 432 billion cells in your body die. Those cells are then replaced by other cells during your body’s natural regeneration process. The quality of these new cells is based on the quality of materials they have to create themselves. You have control …

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Nov 02

What Daylight Saving Time Does To Your Body

What Daylight Saving Time Does To Your Body By Kelly Fitzpatrick for Life by DailyBurn The time shown on the clock from November to March is known in the Northern hemisphere as “standard time.” The rest of the year is considered the exception, or “saving time.” Countries in the Southern hemisphere, however, reverse this, observing …

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Oct 19

Managing Stress

Managing Stress We are often subject to stress, the chronic and primarily psychological pressures of modern life. Yet we also suffer consequences when the body’s biological mechanisms for handling stress go awry. Fortunately, we have the ability to control our reaction to stressful situations. Stress Facts  85 percent of adults know that they may …

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May 06

25 Easy Ways to Boost Your Immune System

25 Easy Ways to Boost Your Immune System [Guest Post} Author: Alyssa Craig   April showers brings May flowers…and sniffles, sneezes and allergies!  Spring is blooming and so are illnesses!  If you have small children, or are more easily susceptible to getting sick, you may be looking for simple changes you can make to boost …

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Apr 22

What do you know about Tea Tree Oil? (Quiz)

Tea Tree Cool & Creamy Wash $18.98 Fullfillment By Amazon Tea Tree Pore Minimizer $19.24 Marketplace The Body Shop Tea Tree Daily Scrub $14.00 Tea Tree Face Mask $19.85 Marketplace The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil $12.99 Marketplace Tea Tree Blemish Gel $15.59 Fullfillment By Amazon Used for medicinal purposes for …

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Apr 08

15 Ways to Take 15 Minutes for Yourself {Guest Post}

15 Ways to Take 15 Minutes for Yourself {Guest Post} Author: Whitney Hollingshead Do you feel like you never have any time for yourself? Is your to do list always growing in length? Are you exhausted all of the time? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, you are in good …

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Mar 31

Essence of Essential Oils Giveaway

Essence of Essential Oils Hello friends, I hope all is well in your world. If you are a busy wife, mom, girlfriend or grandmother you know how important it is to take care of yourself and try to stay healthy. However, oftentimes we are running from pillar to post and before we know it both …

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Jan 23

9 Superfoods to Boost your Brain

9 Superfoods to Boost your Brain Have you ever walked into a room, looked around and then forgot why you went in there? How about, putting down your keys, wallet or purse only to forget where you laid them, your glasses…cell phone or…I could go on and on, but you get the picture. Besides it …

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