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What the fart? Why Passing Gas is Good For You! 😂

What the fart? Why passing gas is good for you! 😂

I remember when my grandmother was alive, it seemed like every time she stood up she would pass gas.  It wasn’t a stinky fart, just loud and what I thought was inappropriate.  I would give her the side eye and then moan “mom”,  she would turn and look at me like “WHAT?”.  😒

The boys were young and they would crack up laughing, but if we had visitors I never thought it was funny and would give them that “don’t you dare” look. 🙅  Years have since passed on and so has she, which by the way, she was 98 when she passed!  I have only recently learned that passing gas is actually good for the body.

farting is good for you If you have been reading my blog for a while then you know that my hubby was diagnosed with small intestinal cancer and although he never had any symptoms, he always did have gastrointestinal concerns.   So much so that he started getting colonoscopies in his early 40’s.

It was very difficult for him to eliminate waste and when he did it was oftentimes very painful!  He had used every over-the-counter and prescribed stool softener and laxative on the market but nothing helped.  💩😰💩

After each annual colonoscopy the diagnosis was the same, “you just have a slow digestive system, no blockage or reason to be concerned”.  Little did we know that cancer was growing inside his small intestines.


 We are not sure if the years of gastrointestinal problems caused or was a catalyst for the cancer, however, we were fortunate that his new GI specialist decided to perform an endoscopy which ultimately revealed it.

Hubby passing gas yet not being able to poop has always been a concern for him. However, walking past me and farting has always been an irritant to me.  

I am not sure what prompted him, maybe it was my nagging, but he decided to do a little research online where he found an article that stated that passing gas was actually good for the body.

passing gas is good for the body

I still give him the side eye when he does it ! 😒

According to an article in Medical Daily, farting…fluctuation…or simply passing gas can indicate healthy gut bacteria.  Farting is a natural part of the human digestive process.  A person would have to consume nothing but refined sugars to avoid passing gas and we all know that is definitely not healthy!

So are you or your spouse a farter?  If so, there is now no need to feel badly about doing it even if you never did. 😉  

Fart on my friend and stay healthy!


  • I should expect nothing more from you than plain truth but this one had me practically on the floor especially since I am reading it at my office. I am all for nature and doing your thing but really not in my space. I only ask for fare warning or a brief walk away and come back please and thank you. Great laugh this morn but also great info. I have tummy issues as well and a hernia by belly button I am trying to figure out how to handle. Nothing worse than not being able to go to potty regularly. Glad hubby is doing well. xo:)

    • DeDivahDeals says:

      Ha ha, there should have been a disclosure statement which I almost wrote because I didn’t want to ruin anyone’s Monday morning breakfast! I know what you mean about walking away, but sometimes they sneak up on you and boop – there is it. I hope your health improves because many a tears have been shed on the toilet just trying to clear a digestive tract. Hope the rest of the day was just as much fun!

  • Great post that’s both funny and informative! We humans actually fart about 14 times a day, passing an average of a half-liter of farts daily (women just as much as men). When I abruptly switched to a vegan diet a few years ago, I was way beyond average (much to my husband’s dismay!) thanks to all that fiber all at once. I used to joke that he should call me Señorita Fartita or Sister Flatulencia…Things have leveled off since my diet changed somewhat (whew!), but it’s still okay in our household to let ‘er rip!

    • DeDivahDeals says:

      Thank you, my husband is going to be so happy knowing that he’s not the only one, as if he ever did – but I didn’t know that passing gas was actually healthy – like my grandmother used to say, “what I don’t know will make a new world”. Glad to hear that things have settled down in the Jones’ household – thanks for stopping by and commenting, love the honesty!

  • Ellen Dolgen says:

    I have sent this along to my family………..especially the ones without the vaginas! They are going to love this post!

  • Funny, farty and full of facts 😉 Fart on! Fart on! LOL

  • Neti says:

    My Mom and I had the Fart conversation just last weekend when she lit up the house constantly. She said it was a natural thing and blamed it on the rich foods we had for lunch & dinner. It was not always pleasant and the air freshner did the trick. She will be happy to know that this post confirmed her story. . . her slogan “fart be free ’cause it killed Mary Lee” ( LOL)!

  • As soon as I finished reading this…Mo passed gas right beside me…hahaha!!! As long as you don’t pass gas around my husband while he’s eating all is good in the world. LOL

  • Diane Komara says:

    Then I’m good to go because I have been a life long committed farter, lol! My Grand Daughter says, Nana, why do you fart all of the time . . . and I say I don’t know baby, but I know one thing-I feel so much better afterwards, lol! Anyhow, it’s just air being released from the body. So when you get that sensation, excuse yourself, walk away real fast, handle your business & don’t feel embarrassed, feel blessed! By the way Antoinette, I hope that your husband’s body has been fully healed! Disclosure: I’m not a Doctor, but I have a habit of playing one, and I was just thinking that perhaps his digestive system may require a little bit more lubrication, such as omega fatty acids.

    • DeDivahDeals says:

      Thank you Diane, I am glad that you are teaching the baby because it’s a natural body function but we must respect those around us.

      Trust and believe, hubby has tried everything, we eat lots of fresh fruits, veggies and fish, no red meat or lots of pasta…still slow going – I feel so bad for him, but thanks for the doctor’s advice.

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