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10 Reasons Why Fall Is Mankind’s Favorite Season


10 Reasons Why Fall Is Mankind’s Favorite Season

The summer season has finally come to a close. Now the fall breeze will sweep in as the rest of fall culture begins to take hold. Between the behemoth of summer vacation and the ever expanding snowy period of Christmas time, the wonders of fall may get lost in the mix. Here are a few reasons why fall isn’t just as great as summer and winter, but perhaps even better!

1. Fall picnics

A sweeping field in a park during the fall wouldn’t be complete without a pleasant picnic out on the cool grass. Having a picnic is basically a rite of passage as we go into the fall. Such a thing is not only a wonderfully romantic pastime, but also a great activity for families to enjoy a meal in the fresh air. Having a meal outside can come with a crop of safety concerns though. Be smart about your picnic and check out some great safety tips here.

2. Nature changes colors

Not that there isn’t something refreshing about a sea of vibrant green leaves, but little can compare, in terms of beauty, to an ever-changing forest of yellows, oranges, and reds. If you live near a mountain, take a look at it in the fall. Chances are, it will look like a gargantuan painting of rich and vibrant colors. There is also much fun to be had with this beauty. Jumping into a pile of fallen leaves with friends or family can make for a joyful time.

passionate love in the autumn park

3. It finally cools down

The blistering heat of the summer time has finally come to an end. Coming in to replace it will be a cool fall breeze and a pleasant temperature that will make going outside fun again, before the bitter cold of winter finally takes hold. The innocuous chilly air makes for a great reason to cuddle on a park bench. This also means that hot drinks will become a comfortable beverage once again, because a hot coco on a fall evening will warm you to the core in the most wonderful way.

hay rides in the fall

4. Hay rides

There is only one time of year that one gets to partake in the innocent joys of a hay ride through the countryside, and that would be the fall season. This is the perfect activity to enjoy with a close sweetheart, or to take with a close friend who will fill the ride with laughter. A hay ride is a great way to have a nostalgic, community-based experience on a fall afternoon.

5. Halloween

The start of fall signifies the kick off of Halloween season, which may well be the best holiday of the year. Despite its origins, the modern day incarnation of Halloween is a holiday for everyone, rather than a religious holiday that is restrictive to one demographic of the population. This time of year brings scary movies, fun costumes, and even the opportunity to go on a spooky ghost hunt. To those who get burned out by the stress that many other holidays bring, Halloween is their favorite holiday!

6. Thanksgiving

No matter how fun Halloween can be, that’s not all that the fall season brings! Thanksgiving, apart from offering what may be the best meal you have all year, is the culmination of almost everything fall related. It’s a low-key, earthy holiday that brings people together to remind them of all in their life that they have to be thankful for. It has the same themes of family and togetherness as a holiday like Christmas, but without all the consumerist headaches.

pumpkins outdoor

7. Pumpkins

The September-October period brings the harvest season of one of the healthiest and most versatile vegetables that can be had, Pumpkins. This soulful delicacy can be enjoyed pies, soups, coffees, beers, and even just served up all on its own. All of these things especially popular in the fall. Eating pumpkins can improve your eyesight, and the seeds even reduce your cholesterol. They are also a wonderful addition to the fall festivities, as no Halloween night would be complete without an assortment of jack-o-lanterns to light the way.

8. Fall Fashion

Fashion during the summertime is often a way of finding out how much you can get away with wearing as little as you can. And there really isn’t much of an option, because it is devilishly hot. When fall hits, the options really open up! Fall fashion brings back scarves and jackets, as well as leggings and boots. The colors that come back in are also fun and calming all at once; a very earthy palette.

9. Camping is even better

Much more of your day is bearable to spend outside in the fall, after the heat loses its edge. This means that camping is a much more enjoyable activity during this time of year. The less you are experiencing exhaustion from the sun, the more you can spend doing things outdoors that are actually fun. Fall is the perfect time to warm up by the fire, as the night brings a calming cool with it. Also, nature is absolutely stunning in the fall time, meaning your trip will be filled with even more beauty.

10. Apple Season

Apple season and fall season pretty much kick off at the exact same time. This means all sorts of goodies of the apple variety will be available to enjoy. Taking a walk in an orchard during apple season can be great activity to do with the family, and it comes with a tasty snack. A date to a cider mill can also make for a lovely time. And apple cider donuts may be the best dessert that one can get in this hemisphere!

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