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5 Great Jobs You Can Do From Home {Guest Post}

5 Great Jobs You Can Do From Home {Guest Post} 

Author: Alyssa Craig

Close your eyes and imagine your commute taking one minute, being in complete control of your dress code and being your own boss. In this age of unlimited technology and burgeoning businesses, there are many opportunities for this to become your reality as you pursue a work from home position! While there may be some “get rich quick” schemes that can promise similar perks, there are many more secure, potential careers for you to explore. As you consider your options, take into account the following five jobs that can make your work from home dreams come true!

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Online Teaching and Tutoring

Online schools are now quite common and making waves in homeschooling. In addition, while kids were once limited to being tutoring by someone in their near vicinity, online tutoring allows them to receive the help they need on any class subject. If you have a knack for teaching or a degree in a science, math or writing, you might consider online teaching or tutoring.

As an online teacher or tutor, there is an option to be an independent contractor or to work for an institution. The pay and working hours vary quite a bit between institutions for which you work and your specialty, such as chemistry or geometry.

Virtual Administrative Assistant

If you have great organization skills, are self motivated, and enjoy a job that varies from day to day, a career as a virtual administrative assistant may be in your future. A virtual administrative assistant does all of the usual aspects of what an administrative assistant would do in an office setting, in addition to other tasks. For example, here is a list of possible responsibilities for this position:

  • Answering phone calls
  • Scheduling
  • Managing social media accounts or blogs
  • Data Entry
  • Graphic Design
  • Product Coordination

The extent of the services provided will depend on the company you are working for and of course, your skill set. Be open to learning new skills in order to be a greater asset to companies looking for a virtual administrative assistant.

While no degree is necessary, the more experience you have the better. Remember that pay is largely based on your experience and reputation, which can take time to build. Pay can range from $15-60 per hour and the Bureau of Labor Statistics lists $16.99 per hour as the median. At times, special software may be necessary, such as for taking phone calls, or to work on certain projects, like graphic design.

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Private Skin Care Label

If you are looking for more independence and flexibility, think about starting your own business – a private skin care label! While building a successful business takes time, money, and a considerable amount of hard work, there will come a time when your company will be large enough you will need some help. Many skin care label businesses hire another company to manufacture the products so the owner can then focus on the marketing side of the business. When doing this, you will want to pick a manufacturer you can trust.

When it comes to skin care products, the marketing is one of the most important factors. A customer can only make a decision on which products to purchase based on what they can see – the actual label on the container. Make sure that the packaging on your products is a good representation of your brand and will attract customers to purchase it. Don’t be afraid to step out of the box and make it a first impression a customer won’t soon forget! Check out these great tips from RainShadow Labs.

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If you are fluent in a second language and have a solid understand of the language’s grammar rules, you may think about becoming a translator. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, this field is experiencing higher growth than normal and offers a median pay of $21.84 per hour. In other words, it is a great time to become a translator.

Translation offers a variety of work, as you may be translating for a variety of organizations, such as hospitals, schools or even government institutions. Translators can either work as independent contractors or through agencies, allowing you to decide which projects you will accept and manage your own time. Certifications are available through some schools and occasionally agencies have their own in house training and certification processes. Specialties, such as a sound knowledge of medical terminology, can make a translator stand out above the rest.

Web Search Evaluator/Internet Assessor

Have you ever wondered how search engines such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo make sure you are getting the most accurate results for your search? One of the factors that goes into successful internet searches is the work of a web search evaluator, also known as an internet assessor. These individuals work with a search engine, usually through a third party, to test and evaluate a search engine’s algorithm using keywords or terms. They may also test the quality of ads, or image and social media results.

A web search evaluator can either be hired on as staff or work as an independent contractor, depending on the company. There is also some variety in the length and extent of training, in addition to pay amount, though most seem to pay around $13-15 per hour.

Take your skill set and interests into consideration and you may find a job that helps your dreams of working from home become a reality this year!

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