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I had no pIans to come back over here, but recently I found out that DeDivahDeals was nominated in the North DelaWHERE Happenings 2017 List.

The Happening List is the most popular people’s choice competition in North Delaware.  Over 50,000 voted last year to determine the best and most happening people, places, businesses and events in New Castle County!

So I am asking that you head over and vote for me.  It takes less than 30 seconds and you just need to vote using your email address, if you have multiple email address, please feel free to use all of them!

Thank you and please spread the word.

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Preparing for a Podcast

You guys do know that I have a Podcast right?  


Social Media Sunday with the Delaware Blogger What – you didn’t know…well I do and it’s live every Sunday night at 6 pm on BlogTalkRadio – here is the link to my 4th episode

Make sure to sign up to follow so you will be reminded of the show before it airs.

Hosting a Podcast had been a lifelong dream of mine so when I was asked to host a show I already had my title chosen!



This new collaboration with AAU Teen Talk TV and Radio came courtesy of Chevona Johnson, CEO and an Executive Producer along with her husband, Roger, Sr.  

Chevona is also an alum of Delaware State University (College) and reached out to me because she saw a few of my social media posts and I am glad that she did.  

The topic for the October 2nd episode was Social Media and Small Business with special guest Nikki Valentine. 


I also video taped a few minutes of me preparing for that Podcast which was fun so check it out here:

On this Podcast I talked about Facebook and Twitter for Small Business and below is what I covered on Facebook, next week I will post the Top Ten Twitter Tips.

Facebook now has 4 million advertisers and it’s being powered by more small businesses trying to reach customers, particularly on their mobile devices.

 People are spending more time on their phones, more engagement on their phones, doing more things on their phones, because phones can do more. I remember the brick my hubby gave me as an engagement gift, it weighed about 10 lbs and it was attached to the car, then came the bag phone but all it could do was make and receive calls.  

Now mobile phones can do practically anything, conduct searches, give map directions, promote sales, take pictures and record live video.  Businesses are beginning to understand that they need to be where people are, and that’s on their mobile device.  

Setting up a Facebook Business Page is easy but you must have a personal page first, and there are many sites with instructions , I also have a Slideshare presentation that you can download.  

Facebook is where you can virtually hang out with your family and friends but more importantly with your customers and/or potential clients and customers.  Facebook is for entertainment so remember the 80/20 rule and don’t post “buy me” posts constantly.  

Share content from others in the same niche or industry and remember that what you share is perceived to be what you believe so be very careful when posting because using a “like or share is not an endorsement” disclaimer doesn’t hold water – just don’t post it.

Top 10 Benefits of a Facebook Business Page

  1. Everyone is on Facebook – need I say more?

  2. Increased Exposure to Potential Customers – everyone is on Facebook right?

  3. Gather More Leads – gather leads in the form of email addresses — so you can contact them outside of Facebook.  Promotion of contests, giveaways through newsletters

  4. Facebook business page costs you exactly $0. – but you don’t own it so start a blog!

  5. Insights and analytics – you can see where your audience is coming from (likes, reach, page views, engagement, shares, performance, etc.)

  6. Build Brand Loyalty – if you consistently provide valuable and entertaining content, your followers will stay loyal and share your message, product or service

  7. Increase Your Web Traffic – social media platforms are the wheels that drive the vehicle to your website or blog and eventually to your store or service

  8. Boost SEO – Search Engine Optimization – being found online – Google me

  9. Be Mobile Ready – Facebook is already built to be mobile friendly, so take advantage of it.  

  10. Check in on Your Competition! – Facebook makes suggestions based on competition in my area in my same (or a similar) niche. Choose pages by clicking “Watch Page” or search for pages in the search box.

This was the 4th Podcast so make sure to check out the previous ones, Social Media Etiquette for Seniors, Social Media Etiquette for Boomers. The first episode was Social Media Etiquette for Students which didn’t turn out too well….my microphone didn’t work for the first 14 minutes…but there was music so enjoy it!  

I can’t wait to read your comments – please be kind but I do value your opinions.

WIWW OOTD Black and White Zebra Print

There are several basic, yet classic combinations that will never go out of style and today I am featuring just one of them – Black and White – if only black and white people could get along so well…

This week I feel that blogging about fashion after fifty and food is trivial especially with what’s going on in today’s world.  However, if we allow the negativity to over shadow and overtake creativity and positivity then we have given it more power than it deserves.

 Praying that positivity always rises to the top!

black and white zebra print

“What is Black and White and Read All Over”

“A Newspaper”

Remember that childhood joke?

“What is Black and White and Read All Over”

“This OOTD on my Blog”

Not a joke!

Read it then share it with your friends and followers!

classic black and white combination

This top and shoes are both closet summer staples which work well even if they are matchy-matchy, but hey, I’m a kid of the 60’s so I’ll match if I wanna!

Zebra print shoes

The shoes were purchased from and I also have them in a Tiger print which will be featured before the end of the season.

The black and white purse is from Avon and if you noticed the bracelets, they are also a Zebra print which were ordered from an online store few years ago.  (forgot the name)

The black jeggings are from Walmart and the silver watch is also from Avon.

Zebra print for the summer

Now it’s time for you to chime in: other than black and white, what are some of your favorite classic color combinations?  

Oh and more importantly, what did you buy on Amazon Prime Day???

black and white ootd

Stay safe and stay blessed my friends!


Small State, Small Bites Food Competition and Silent Auction

Food and lots of it…friends and fun was the best way to spend the last Friday in April, not to mention it was at the Buena Vista Mansion in New Castle.

Small State Small Bites 1

Having recently met Amy and Kim, MOT Charter High School parents and PTO members, I was invited to attend their 1st Annual Small State, Small Bites Food Competition & Silent Auction. 

This event was held at the Buena Vista Mansion and sponsored by ConnectTheDot, a Consulting, Marketing and Advertising Agency.

food competition

Had the weather been a bit warmer, it would have been nice to walk the grounds, unfortunately we were once again treated to an unseasonably cold April evening.  However, inside the Mansion things were definitely warm, delightful and delicious! 

food competition at Buena Vista Mansion

sweet treats at the Small State Small Bites Food competition

succulent seafood at Small State Small Bites

decadent foods at the food competition

The doors opened at 6:00 p.m. and I walked through this gorgeously decorated Mansion taking pictures, making mini videos, networking and nibbling all before the opening remarks by PTO President Kim McNeil.

food competition at Buena Vista Mansion

food competition at Buena Vista Mansion

As attendees began arriving, which by the way, was far more than I could count and way more than they expected, made this fundraiser a smashing success!!!

food competition at Buena Vista Mansion

food competition at Buena Vista Mansion

food competition at Buena Vista Mansion

The Registration Table contained a brochure with the order of the evening’s events and each attendee also received a take-away bag with a “Tasting Card” attached.   

There were 10 tables of Small Bite Tastings and although I didn’t take the opportunity to sample something from each, what I did taste was amazing.

registration table at Small State Small Bites


Chefs from the 10 following local restaurants prepared delicious bites that everyone seemed to enjoy so I can only imagine how difficult it was for the judges, who were sequestered on the 2nd floor to choose the winner.

Cantwell’s Tavern, Del Pez Mexican Gastropub, Grain Craft Bar & Kitchen, Catherine Rooney’s Irish Pub & Rest., Guzzy-Q Competition & BBQ Catering, Aqua Sol Restaurant, Metro Pub & Grill, Stewart’s Brewing Company, World Café Live at The Queen, 301 Plaza Restaurant

tasty bites food competition in Delaware

chefs at the Small State Small Bites event

food competition at Buena Vista Mansion

DJ “The Man of Steel” played a mix of music that was perfect for the taste testing and Silent Auction portion of the event.  As I was leaving I could hear the sounds of “let’s get this party started” music but since I had to conduct a Blogging Workshop Saturday morning I didn’t stay to enjoy it.


music and entertainment at the Small State Small Bites event

There were 12 Silent Auction items in which to bid on including a Crow Farm & Vineyard Winery Tour; Casino Night; Baltimore Package, Fitness Package, Spa Package; Golf Package and of course several Restaurant Packages.

silent auction items

Photographer, Ralph Mallamace and I became fast friends and we enjoyed taking snap shots of the guests and also of each other!


photos at the Small State Small Bites event photos at the Small State Small Bites event

photos at the Small State Small Bites event

I missed the announcements of the “People’s Choice” winners and closing remarks but am sure you can read them on the ConnectTheDot and MOTCharter websites.

photos at the Small State Small Bites event


As I had previously stated, this was by far a smashing success and I hope to be in attendance at the 2nd Annual Small State, Small Bites Food Competition and Silent Auction. 

Maybe next time I’ll be invited to be a judge like I was at the Burger Battle, then I’ll have more of an opportunity to taste test everything!

photos at the Small State Small Bites event

photos at the Small State Small Bites event


I love attending local fundraisers especially to those that involve food, how about you?

photos at the Small State Small Bites event Silent Auction items Chefs at the Small State Small Bites event small bites at the Small State Small Bites event Small State Small Bites  More pictures can be found on my Instagram page.

seafood bites connect the dot Roxi and I

1st Tri Caterers ~ Friday Foodie Feature

Hello friends and welcome to the first Fri-Yay of Autumn and the last Fri-Yay of the month…wow…where did September and the Summer go?

In honor of these two events today’s Friday Foodie Feature will not be one of my recipes, instead it’s an introduction to foods created by Chef David of 1st Tri Caterers.

1st Tri Caterers is a family owned and operated business in New Castle, DE that also sells the best carry out dinners every other Friday and their motto, “We get it Right on the 1st Tri” couldn’t be more accurate.

1st Tri Caterers

chef david Chef David has been cooking for over 25 years, starting out first as a dishwasher and then moving onward and upward specializing in American and French Cuisine. Having prepared foods for President Obama and Vice President Biden, Chef David has also received rave reviews in the Taste of Wilmington for over 3 years and winning 1st Prize in the Taste of Wilmington Cook-off Contest.

Chef David a vegan himself is very health conscience, however, he knows how to satisfy his client’s palates with large portions of flavorful foods, including chicken, fish, shrimp, Moroccan Stew, Kale Salads, Pan Seared Norwegian Salmon with Crab and the best Ginger Lemonade I’ve ever tasted.  Chef David is a seasonal cook who buys local so be sure to call for the latest menu offerings.

Having been in operation for only two years, thanks to word of mouth from customers and the support from his employer, The Sheraton Hotel, business is booming.  Together with his wife Tammy, this blessed couple is creating a legacy for their family that I’m sure will continue to be successful.

Chef David and Tammy - Family Legacy

If you wish to purchase a take out dinner, make sure to call or order online by Wednesday, and delivery to the local New Castle area is also available.

1st Tri Catering can prepare meals for 2 to 350 people, so if you want to have an intimate dinner for two on Valentine’s Day or your Anniversary, be sure to call Chef David at 1st Tri Caterers, he will make your day extra special.

Sampler dinner - portion sized to feed 2


1st Tri Caterers on Facebook 

65 Chesterfield Drive, New Castle, DE  302-660-6310

Hours of operation: Friday – 12:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Stay Blessed ~ No Stress in 2014!



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