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WIWW – 26th Wedding Anniversary

On Thursday, August 11th, hubby and I celebrated our 26th Wedding Anniversary. I feel so blessed to be with a man who loves, respects and still excites me.


Years ago we purchased a Marriott Timeshare in Orlando and as a family we would spend our Anniversary week there. However, now that the boys or should I say, “mini men” are older and are actively working it’s hard for each of us to coordinate and schedule a week off.



We also sold the Marriott Timeshare to Lifestyles Holidays Vacation Resort so hopefully, we will head back to the DR (Dominican Republic) before the end of the year. We had a great time last year, remember this post

Sunset and Sunrise in the Dominican Republic

Anywho, hubby and I now like to have quiet dinners together and this year he made reservations at Eclipse Bistro in Wilmington. I decided to take the day off as I had an appointment with my son earlier in the day and then a scheduled mani and pedi at Sunlight Salon.

I wore this top with a pair of capri pants and just now remembered that it was exactly what I wore when we flew to the Dominican Republic last June!

fashion after fifty

I didn’t wear these sandals, but fell in love with when I saw them at the Rainbow Shops. I actually purchased a second pair in my favorite color combination black and white.

summer sandals


Our dinner reservations were at 7:00 so I had plenty of time to relax before heading out and this is what we decided to wear.

clothes from Burlington Coat Factory

Both hubby and I wore “Burlington Coat Factory” He found this and two other sports jackets on clearance for only $19.99 each and my dress was also on clearance for only $14.99 #winning  BTW – it’s machine washable on delicate!!!!

wedding anniversary

Dinner and the service at Eclipse Bistro was amazing and if you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you would have seen some of the delicious foodie pics.

celebrating 26 years of marriage

What do you think, we look pretty good for an old married couple!


25 years

For Better or Worser

When you walk down that aisle, eyes wide, full of love, happiness and hope; looking forward to many years of wedded bliss. It never enters your mind as you recite those vows that one day it might actually become “for better or worse” and in some cases “worser”.

for better or worser

Death of loved ones, premature birth of your first born, hospitalizations, debt, more deaths, accidents, job loss now cancer!

None of these disasters were part of the “will you marry me” proposal.

Life has a way of sucking away success and happiness, however, it’s how you deal with it determines if the pressure bends or breaks you.

Do you stay or do you leave…do you deal or do you just give in?

25th wedding anniversary

So as hubby and I celebrate our 25th Wedding Anniversary, we both know that no matter which way the winds blow, we will always bend together, staying strong in love and faith…holding on to that happiness for another 25 years!

love forever

24th Wedding Anniversary | Lunch at The Riverfront



24th wedding anniversary

Yesterday hubby and I celebrated our Wedding Anniversary a day early by having lunch at The Big Fish Grill on the Riverfront in Wilmington. We each ordered salads, hubby chose the Spinach salad with Tilapia and I ordered the Goat Cheese salad with Mahi Mahi. They were both very delicious and the service was great – thank you David.

salads at The Big Fish Grill

It was a beautiful afternoon so afterwards we strolled along the Riverfront hand in hand talking and of course taking pictures, I even asked a few people to take our picture.

Lunch at The Big Fish Grill

After lunch we both needed to take a walk!

Lunch at the Riverfront

Just as it was 24 years ago, it was a perfect day, bright and sunny.


I wore the floral dress purchased from Ross, sandals from Payless and the tote in which I used to carry my camera is from Avon.

Handsome Hubby

My handsome hubby looked dapper yet casual enough for a stroll on the Riverfront.

The Riverfront in Wilmington, DE

The Riverfront - kids marching forward

Looking out over the Christina River

Christina River - welcomes you


Handsome hubby Hanging by the Riverfront

Great day to spend the day.

celebrating 24 years

Looking forward to another 24 years!  

Stay Blessed ~ No Stress in 2014!


Celebrating 23 Years of Marriage

Hello Friends and Happy Sunday!

Today I am with hubby celebrating our 23rd Wedding Anniversary – see ya tomorrow!


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