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25 years

For Better or Worser

When you walk down that aisle, eyes wide, full of love, happiness and hope; looking forward to many years of wedded bliss. It never enters your mind as you recite those vows that one day it might actually become “for better or worse” and in some cases “worser”.

for better or worser

Death of loved ones, premature birth of your first born, hospitalizations, debt, more deaths, accidents, job loss now cancer!

None of these disasters were part of the “will you marry me” proposal.

Life has a way of sucking away success and happiness, however, it’s how you deal with it determines if the pressure bends or breaks you.

Do you stay or do you leave…do you deal or do you just give in?

25th wedding anniversary

So as hubby and I celebrate our 25th Wedding Anniversary, we both know that no matter which way the winds blow, we will always bend together, staying strong in love and faith…holding on to that happiness for another 25 years!

love forever


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