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DIY Weekend – Polka Dot T-Shirt

The forecast for Saturday called for rain so I decided to make it a DIY day and created this Polka Dot t-shirt. I had seen one made on a YouTube video and it looked easy, but it was also time consuming. I purchased a 3-pack of t-shirts from Walmart for less than $9.00, and a yard of fusible fabric from Joann Fabrics. A pill bottle to make the circles, scissors, a tracing pencil, an iron/ ironing board were all that was needed.

The t-shirt was lightly pressed on Cotton setting to smooth out the folds and wrinkles. I was going to use the bottom of this cup but changed my mind because I wanted smaller circles. I traced around the bottle on the smooth side of the fusible fabric and then folded the fabric in an accordion style so that more than 1 circle would be cut at a time.

After laying out the dots, fusible side down, two rows at a time I pressed the iron down for approximately 10 seconds.

Once all the dots were ironed onto the shirt, it was turned inside out and pressed again lightly for a few seconds. It will be washed inside out and if any of the dots fall off I have extra fabric to replace them.

Plain White T-Shirt

Polka Dot T-Shirt

Jazzed with a belt

I didn’t do the back because I got tired!

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