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Dressing Through a Flash #menopause

Dressing Through a Flash #menopause

Getting dressed in the heat of the summer while experiencing the hot flashes of menopause is no joke.  Sometimes my morning routine is like a solo, female version of an Abbott and Costello skit!

 Just check out this exaggerated routine from earlier this month:

Put on black sleeveless dress thrifted from Goodwill, pull out white belt also thrifted…grab black and white necklace purchased from Walmart and big floral ring.  Get white plastic bracelet and watch from jewelry box add a pair of silver hoops.

Dressing through a flash

Flash hits….take off dress… turn on fan…

Dressing through a Flash

Cool off, open closet, grab sandals and purse…

Dressing through a Flash

Wipe forehead…

put dress and belt back on…

Dressing through a Flash

Flash hits!

Take off  belt, peel away the dress and unzip sandals… throw everything onto the floor!

Open closet, take out brown, floral skirt and green short sleeve top, both also thrifted from Goodwill.  Remove black and white necklace and replace with brown beaded one.

Dressing through a Flash

Flash hits!

Stand still in front of the fan…take off shoes….bracelet, watch and earrings…start makeup…stop

grab brown bracelet and find a pair of sandals…kick black Gladiators back into the closet…

OOTD 033

Change ring and watch…plug in curling iron…

Dressing through a Flash

Look into full length mirror and see a stuffed sausage….pull off shirt, skirt and kick off shoes, throw everything on top of hamper…

Go back into closet, look up…look left…pull down peasant mid-length dress, look down…find another pair of sandals from the Shoe Dept….

Dressing through a Flash  Pat forehead, hurry and try to quickly finish curling hair, which BTW won’t hold a curl…hurry hurry before another flash hits!

Complete makeup…look into closet to find another purse…turn off curling iron…

Check the mirror

Dressing through a Flash

Kick shoes out of the way…turn off the fan and leave bathroom

45 minutes late to work!

still hot


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