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Fashion Tip – Stretching Shoes

If you have a pair of shoes that are a bit too tight you can stretch them in the freezer. Partially fill a Ziploc/Hefty bag with water removing as much air as possible and then put the bag into the toe of the shoe. Tilt the shoes downward when you put them into the freezer so that the water is molded into the top of the toe. If the shoes were previously worn put them in a grocery bag before putting them into the freezer to eliminate any transfer of dirt/bacteria. After a day or two remove the shoes from freezer, allow the ice to thaw and then remove the bags of water. The frozen water should have stretched the shoes to make them more comfortable but if not stretched wide enough, repeat and leave them in the freezer longer. This method works well on leather and faux leather peep toe shoes, but I am trying this on these faux suede from Avon which were pre-treated with a water repellent.

Partially fill a ziploc bag with water, removing as much air as possible and put in the toe of the shoe

Place shoes in a plastic bag and put in the freezer tilting toe downward

Remove from freezer and allow ice to thaw, toe should be stretched, if not repeat and leave in freezer a day or two longer

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