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Goodwill Hauling with A Friend

Today was the first time I went thrifting with a friend and we had a blast!  Our first stop was at Goodwill in Smyrna and this place was huge!  We had a blast looking through the racks; trying on clothes; taking pictures and socializing with the sales associates and other customers.

Good fun was had by all and we left with 3 large bags for $50.63.

Large Goodwill Store in Smyrna, DE

Started out with just a few items.

The pattern on these pants were just a little to busy for me.

The yellow sleeveless shirt was a bit tight across the chest, but I purchased the capris for $3.75

On the phone but these Wet seal color jeans were perfect for $1.88 and the top was $3.75. I liked the pastel pink Ballerina Slippers but forgot to purchase them, may need to go back soon!

Pasley jacket - $5.00

White pants, $3.75
Red and White Polka Dot top will be belted - $3.75

Reason the shop and donate to Goodwill

Wanda with our cart full of great finds.

Goodwill Sales Clerk

Friendly Goodwill Cashier

Very organized store

Time to check out

I finally got my Goodwill VIP Card!

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