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Kmart Clearance

I went to Kmart to get a coffee maker, I really just needed a new carafe for my Cuisinart, thanks to my son who broke it on President’s Day. Sometimes it’s cheaper to buy a new coffee maker plus I didn’t feel like driving to Bed Bath and Beyond without a coupon. Anywho, as I walked around I noticed their normal clearance rack and was immediately drawn to the cosmetics. I am always looking for a good concealer, I have yet to find one that truly banishes the dark under-eye circles. There were bins of Almay, Revlon, Wet n Wild and other name brand cosmetics for .50 each, I was running late so I only got these few items.

If I had more time, I would have been gone through these with a fine tooth comb!

The Fragrance Gift Sets are on sale for $4.00, these can be used for travel or placed in a basket in your guest bathroom/bedroom for visitors. The Cosmetic Gift Sets are also $4 and they would make nice gifts for teenage girls, or as additions to your own stock.

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