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Hello friends, I hope all is well in your world. If you are following me on Instagram,, then you know that we recently took a road trip to Virginia Beach to meet the newest member of the family, baby Vincent Gary, Jr.  

You also know that I teach “Social Media and Small Business” classes which is the topic of today’s post.

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Hubby has an older model Equinox which we are trying to keep the mileage low on so instead of driving we chose to rent a vehicle from Enterprise.

Enterprise Cares Rental Avi


The Friday before the road trip, I went online to check out the availability of a vehicle. We needed something comfortable for the 4 hour drive because my husband has back problems, and we wanted to make it a mini vacation.  We decided to splurge and rent a luxury car so I reserved a Lincoln MKSYOLO

Our excitement quickly faded when on Monday, hubby received a phone call from a rep at the office stating that they didn’t rent luxury vehicles at the Middletown location. Disappointed, I sent this tweet, “why doesn’t #Enterprise rent luxury vehicles in #Middletown”  

The power of Social Media…as it didn’t take long to get a response from @EnterpriseCares, with a request to send more info via a DM, which I did.  By the time I arrived home later that evening, not only was there an email response but there were also two voice messages from Enterprise reps in Delaware and Pennsylvania.  

After speaking to one of the reps, I was assured that the vehicle we initially reserved online would be available for pickup on Friday and as you can see, it was!

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We had a wonderful trip to Virginia Beach, enjoyed being with our family and loved the comfort of the Cadillac Lincoln, thank you Enterprise!

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Enterprise Cares

Have you had good results from businesses you’ve contacted via Social Media?

I hope your day is as beautiful as you are!

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