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Sunny Sunday Stylin

Hello friends and welcome to Sunday Stylin.

I hope you remembered this feature from last year, but if not, that’s okay because I almost forgot about it myself! I try to get to church at least once per month, and before you start telling me that’s not enough, trust me I already know because I can still hear my grandmother’s voice: 

‘when I don’t go to church, I feel like I’m committing a crime!

Sunday Stylin

Actually this was an extra special Sunday because my oldest son Tayair went with me.  The congregation was in awe as to how much he had grown and matured, Malik on the other hand went to the beach with his buds!

Sunday Style

I don’t “make” my sons attend church with me as they converted to Islam many years ago and go to the Mosque with their father. However, every once in a while I do like having them go with me, being flanked by two almost-grown men is humbling to a mom!

Sunday style

I still remember taking them as young boys and now they both tower over me…it’s actually kinda funny.  Anywho, I wore this sleeveless black and white dress with a bolero jacket because I like to keep my arms covered in church.  It along with the Charmingly Charlie purse were thrifted and the statement necklace is from Walmart.

Sunday Style

The bracelet is Avon and the shoes are Rocket Dog peep toe pumps from The Shoe Dept and it was a perfect outfit for Sunday in the Sanctuary.  

Do you make it to church every Sunday?  

I hope your day is as beautiful as you are!

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