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Social Media Savvy for Students

Social Media Savvy for Students

Thanks to a referral by my “partner in crime” Mike Fox from Splash DesignWorks, I had the privilege of presenting a Social Media Savvy for Students workshop at Dover High School.  The workshop was part of Youth Leadership Day which was created by Dr. Lane Carter.  The program was geared toward the DHS rising Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors.

 Youth Leadership Day was a fun filled day of education and training which also included a mid-day lunch buffet and the presentation of Certificates of Accomplishment.  There were actually 3 workshops so in addition to mine, the students also attended “Leadership without Apology” presented by Pastor Mark Harmon, and Trust Your Team”, presented by Mr. Maurice Tooles.   

Youth Leadership Day at DHS   Dr. Lane Carter presenting at Youth Leadership Day

Each session was approximately 45 minutes in length and there were about 17 students in each group.  Most of you know that I have been conducting workshops for The Money School of Delaware since 2013, however, this was the first time presenting social media to high school students.  our future leaders at Dover High School

In meeting with Dr. Carter and then having subsequent conversations with her, I decided to create a Social Media Savvy for Students presentation with emphasis on the “10-Do Be’s” or what they should be doing online.  We all know that most students are well aware of what they should not be doing on social media.

social media do be's  

We talked about branding and their digital footprint.  I had them go online and Google themselves so that they could see what others saw.  Posts, Pics, Snaps and Tweets which are positive, creative and honest are the types that they need to promote and share online.  

digital footprints of students

what does your digital footprint look like

They needed to understand that future employers and college administrators will be checking them out, and most likely will have already seen their social media profiles even before they walk through the door.  

“Think Before You Tweet”

“If you tweet it – you own it”  

“Stop before you Snap”  

“Pause before you Post”

Youth Leadership Day at DHS

Needless to say, I was very excited and do believe the students were receptive to my presentation and to be honest I had a great time!  Here are just a few pictures from the day and I wished I had videotaped at least one of the sessions.

Youth Leadership Day at DHS Social Media Savvy for Students Youth Leadership Day  

Having a BS Degree from Delaware State College in Elementary Education was definitely a plus even though I hadn’t been in a classroom since 1983! 

I felt quite a home at the high school and hopefully there will be other opportunities in which to do so again.

teaching social media savvy to students Social Media Savvy for Students presenting at DHS

presenting at DHS

Bring Back the Blue Laws

I never thought that one day I would say, “Bring Back the Blue Laws” in Delaware.  However, with all the anger, anxiety and angst in the world today, I sometimes wish the Blue Laws were still in effect, well not all of them, but at least the one about shopping on Sundays.

Retail store closed sign

In 1976, my uncle Ernest (deceased), was an Air Force Master Sergeant stationed at Dover Air Force Base, in Dover, Delaware.  He wanted to relocate his mother, my grandmother from The Projects in New Rochelle, NY to a home in Dover. 

When we moved to Dover, there were more Amish Horse and Buggys on the road than there were cars, there were even hitching posts at the local ACME.

Amish carriage

Spirits could not be sold but I was too young to drink, so not being able to purchase alcohol from a “package store” wasn’t a big deal.  I do, however, remember that after attending Sunday Service, we would go home to change clothes, have dinner and then just chillax (chill and relax). 

We would kick back and read, watch television or walk around the neighborhood.  After dinner we would have a family meeting, which my sister and I hated but it did start the week off right.

Sunday, was a day that we looked forward to of not doing anything major and if any chores were required, like ironing it couldn’t be done before 6:00 p.m. 

Life wasn’t exactly “Little House on the Prairie” but as a Boomer who longs for a little of that life, it was a time of rest, relaxation and reflection…something that we can all benefit from today.


I am not naive and do understand that in today’s world it wouldn’t be economically feasible for retail stores to close their doors. Employees can ill afford to lose a day’s pay especially with the cost of everything being so high; but wouldn’t it be nice if we all could just unplug and unwind to reconnect with our family and friends just one day every week?

Relax it's Sunday

Chime in, what are your thoughts?

Independent Resources, Inc. #LaunchSpace Small Business Program Award Presentation

Independent Resources, Inc. #LaunchSpace Small Business Program Award Presentation

Hello friends, I hope all is well in your world.  Last week I had an opportunity to attend the IRI Small Business Program Award Presentation, as well as the honor of being one of the five judges.  

This Dolphin Tank Award’s program was IRI’s first and it was an excellent way in which to feature the hard work and dedication of the participants involved in the LaunchSpace Small Business Program.

Independent Resources, Inc., is a federally funded, private non-profit, non-residential organization providing services to persons with disabilities. IRI is a statewide organization with offices located in Wilmington, Dover and Dagsboro. Each office provides services that consumers consider critical in gaining control over their lives; services they feel will enable them to function in the community of their choosing.

#LaunchSpace Award Presentation Winners

Front Row: Larry Henderson (IRI Executive Director), Latoshia Caldwell (Finalist), Barbara Monaghan (DDC Chair), Emmanuel Jenkins (Runner-up)

Back Row: Cathy Woodhouse (First State CPAs Relationship Manager), Khalil Abdul-Majid (Finalist), Tina Riley (Entrepreneur of the Year), Ken Anderson (DEDO Director), Senator Brian Bushweller (state senator for 17th district), Antionette Blake (Social media and blogger consultant) and Jackie Reyes (Small Business Program Coordinator)

Khalil Abdul-Majid

Khalil Abdul-Majid: “Inspired by Touch Massage”

Latoshia Caldwell

 Latoshia Caldwell – Caldwell’s Helping Hands

Emmanuel Jenkins

Emmanuel Jenkins – We Stand 4 Something

Tina Riley

Tina Riley – Tina Riley’s Imaginarium

The program began with welcoming remarks from Dr. Tes del Tufo, then each participant presented their individual Business Plans.  As a judge, I along with Senator Brian Bushweller, Ken Anderson, Barbara Monaghan, and Cathy Woodhouse were given the arduous task of scoring them in 7 areas.  

I must admit that each participant did such an amazing job that it was hard not to rate them all “excellent” in each category.   I was truly impressed and definitely inspired by their plans, goals and overall presentations, I walked away thinking that I really needed to step up my game!

#LaunchSpace Awards program

Ken Anderson and I presented each with a Certificate of Completion and then the presentation of Accomplishments & Awards was made by Senator Bushwell, Cathy Woodhouse and Barbara Monaghan.  

In addition to a cash prize, the winner also received in-kind contributions, including my donation of 3 hours for Social Media and e-marketing training valued at $500.

Larry Henderson

The program ended with concluding remarks by Mr. Larry HendersonExecutive Director of Independent Resources, Inc.  It was yet another opportunity on a Thankful Thursday to be blessed with the ability to volunteer time to such a worthy organization.

#LaunchSpace presentation table Dr. del Tufo Cathy Woodhouse   #LaunchSpace #LaunchSpace Winners Mr. & Mrs. Jenkins New Year ~ New You

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B.O.S.S. Brunch Tour 2015 Delaware

On Sunday, I had the honor and privilege to be part of a powerhouse panel of women at the #WomensWealth #BOSSBrunchTour2015DE held in Dover, Delaware. The B.O.S.S Brunch Tour 2015 was a gathering of influential women, business owners, professionals, community leaders and women interested in starting a business. The B.O.S.S. Brunch Tour 2015 is the brainchild of Tarra Jackson, better known as #MsMadamnMoney, and she actually only spoke it into existence early in October.  

Powerful Panelist of B.O.S.S. Women

Once the seed was planted, it didn’t take her long to work with others in putting together the first leg of the tour which kicked off in Delaware on Sunday. #GodisGood  The goal of the B.O.S.S. Brunch Tour 2015 is to connect, collaborate, educate, and elevate women by providing them with Business Owner Success Strategies for 2015.

Tarra MsMadamMoney Jackson
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The event was held in Festival Buffet Room A at Dover Downs Casino and upon arrival each attendee received a Swag Bag containing a copy of Tarra’s book, Financial Fornication, a brochure and discount coupon from Raquel Hinkson; a brochure and a few Avon goodies from me.  Also included in each bag were discount coupons from the vendors;  Sensual EleganceBody, BeautyWithBabs and Regina Collins with Traci Lynn Jewelry.

B.O.S.S. Swag Bags

Tarra and BeautywithBabs

Regina Collins, Traci Lynn distributor

Tarra and Regina

Tarra’s welcoming remarks and subsequent introduction of each panelists was followed by a blessing of the food, and trust and believe when I say the buffet was over-the-top good! There was a large array of hot and cold foods, everything from greens and grits to shrimp and oysters, it was far too much for me to even photograph!

Buffet Parfaits
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Tarra kept the schedule tight so after eating we took our seats up front; Pastor Joyce Lott, The Spiritual B.O.S.S., Dr., Monet Sifford-Wilson, The Healthy B.O.S.S., Raquel Hinkson, The DE B.O.S.S. Host, Tameka Easter, The Corporate B.O.S.S., and myself, The Blogger B.O.S.S.

Panelist at B.O.S.S. Brunch 2015 DE

Tarra, The B.O.S.S. Facilitator began the program first by asking each attendee to share a brief bio, and there was so much diversity amongst these beautiful women.  The Q&A session was lively, informative, soulful and even at one point tearful, it was definitely enlightening for all both professionally and personally.  

We were able to cover topics ranging from spiritual health, physical health, entrepreneurial tips, college scholarships and savings as well as social media savvy and blogging tips for small business owners.  The Corporate Sponsor for the B..O.S.S. Brunch Tour 2015DE was Sallie Mae and Temeka provided very useful information for those of us with kids in college and for others who have plans for it.

Tameka Easter, Sallie Mae Corporate sponsor

attendees at #BOSSBrunchTour2015DE

The B.O.S.S. Brunch Tour ended in my opinion way too soon, but the networking, picture taking, hugs, kisses and laughter that followed only emphasized that it had truly been a successful day for everyone.  A few door prizes were awarded but I think we all took away a special gift that will carry us through 2015.  The next stop of the B.O.S.S. Brunch Tour 2015 will be held on January 11th in DC, for more information or to register click here.

Group photo at #BOSSBrunchTour2015DE

Thank you Tarra for inviting me to participate in the tour’s kickoff and I wish you much success as you take it on the road to DC, NY, NC and CA, but just remember, “the first is always the best” – just kidding.  Thanks again for bringing such a positive event to the wonderful women in the First State of Delaware MUAH…love you much!

 was a B.O.S.S.

“Be a B.O.S.S. in every aspect of your life!”





BOSSBrunchTour2015DE attendees



Cool Dover Dad Re-Creates Album Covers

Hello Friends and Happy Fri-Yay!

Today, I wanted to write about a human interest story that I read in last Sunday’s paper, I hope you don’t mind that it’s not food related.  Lance Underwood, a single dad who lives in Dover (Delaware), has been re-creating album covers using photos of his sons, Quentin and Trey.  What I found to be most interesting is the fact that he is not a professionally trained photographer, yet his work definitely qualifies as being professional.

Lance’s website featuring the re-creations started as a way for his father who lives in California to keep up with the boys.  His website has now gone viral and if you want to see more, check out his Tumblr page


Re-creations of a Nat King Cole, Bob Dylan and Miles Davis album cover.


Dover Dad Re-Creates Album Covers


Bob Dylan Album Cover Recreated

Miles Davis Album Recreation

I think this is such an amazing and creative way to capture not only photos of his sons but also the memories he is creating for them is priceless. Can you imagine how much fun they are having while learning the history of the artists as well as the significance of album covers.  In my book, this makes Lance one cool dad!


What album cover would you like to see re-created?


Stay Blessed ~ No Stress in 2014!



MLK Day of Service

Hello Friends and Happy Monday

Today most of you are off from work in honor of MLK Day of Service.  If you are looking for volunteer opportunities in your area please check the All For Good website, and in Delaware click (here).  In addition to the many volunteer opportunities there are also local family events for you and the kids, so I hope you have a chance to attend one.

Oh me…I’m at work! MLKDAYOFSERVICE

Events in and around Wilmington:

MON, JANUARY 20, 8:00 A.M. – 4:00 P.M.

MLK Day Camp
Brandywine Zoo, 1001 North Park Drive, Wilmington, DE 19802
Our world is richer because of biodiversity! Come and learn why every living thing has a special place and purpose on our earth. Through fun activities, stories and crafts you’ll discover how to be a better animal ambassador! Campers must be potty trained and come dressed for the weather. Campers must bring a bag lunch and water bottle; light snack is provided. Morning drop off from 8-8:30 A.M.. Aftercare available until 5:30 P.M.
Fee: $55 per participant; $45 Delaware Zoological Society Members. Aftercare fee: $10 per person. Pre-registration required. Deadline for registration is January 15th.
To register, please call (302) 571-7788 ext. 200 or

MON, JANUARY 20, 9:30 A.M. – 4:30 P.M.

African-American Champions of Nature
Delaware Museum of Natural History, 4840 Kennett Pike (Rt. 52), Wilmington, DE 19807
Celebrate the spirit of Martin Luther King, Jr. at the Museum! We’ll have games, crafts, and activities that will leave you filled with compassion for your fellow man and beast.
For more information call (302) 658-9111

MON, JANUARY 20, 10:00 A.M. – 12:00 P.M.

Celebrate MLK, Jr. Day with YWCA Delaware!
Trinity Episcopal Parish, 1108 North Adams Street, Wilmington, DE 19801
Please join us for a special racial justice event in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Keynote Speaker: Rev. Dr. Lawrence Livingston, Pastor at Mother African Union Church.  For more details, contact Faye Bonneau, Director of Racial Justice, at (302) 224-4060 ext. 218

MON, JANUARY 20, 1:00 – 3:30 P.M.

March for Peace and Community Celebration
1:00 – 2:00 March: St. Paul Catholic Church, Corner of West 4th and Van Buren Streets
2:00 – 3:30 Community Celebration: Be Ready Jesus is Coming Church, 1411 West 4th Street
Walk for peace in our community. The celebration following the march will have food, children’s activities, and arts, music and dance performances.
Questions? Contact Vanity at (302) 602-6560
Co-sponsored by West Side Grows Together and Wilmington Peacekeepers

Here are a few events in our area as posted on DelawareOnline


The Organization of Minority Women Inc. hosts the 27th Annual Martin Luther King Jr. Breakfast, 8 a.m. Monday at Chase Center on the Riverfront, 800 South Madison St., Wilmington. For tickets, $35, call Mary Plant at 764-4323.


Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity has its 28th Annual Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Prayer Breakfast, Monday at Dover Modern Maturity Center, 1121 Forrest Ave. Doors open 7 a.m., an 8:45 a.m. program features Pastor Ellis B. Louden of Mount Zion AME Church, Dover. Admission is a $15 donation at the door.


The Western Sussex 2011 Day of Celebration prayer breakfast is 8 a.m. Monday at Heritage Shores Country Club, Bridgeville. Its theme is “TEAM-Work makes the DREAM-Work,” with the Rev. John G. Moore Sr. speaking, music by saxophonist Tony Smith and a Community Recognition Award to Derek and Monica Sheets of Seaford. For advance-only tickets, $20, call 628-1908.


The 21st Annual Martin Luther King Jr. Children’s Birthday Party is at noon Monday at Bancroft Academy, Eighth and Lombard streets, Wilmington. The event, with birthday cake, is free. Guests are asked to donate canned food for the needy. Winners of an MLK poster/essay contest will be announced and must attend to get awards, sponsored by the Afro-American Historical Society of Delaware and National Sorority of Phi Delta Kappa. For information, call Harmon R. Carey, 562-4718.


Delaware Academy of Science has a reception Monday for alumni of Iron Hill School 112-C, built in the 1920s for black children, now home to Iron Hill Museum. Alumni will get a preview of renovation plans. The reception is 2-4 p.m. in Building 15, Delaware Technology Park, 15 Innovation Way, Newark. To attend, alumni should call Rebecca L. Klug at 738-7532.


Delaware Museum of Natural History, 4840 Kennett Pike, Greenville, has “African-American Champions of Nature” 9:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Monday. Crafts, activities and displays honor scientist George Washington Carver, entomologist Charles Henry Turner, marine biologist Ernest Everett Just and ornithologist Robert A. Gilbert. Adults, $7, $5 for ages 3-17, $6 ages 60 plus, members and kids under 3, free. For information, call 658-9111.


The RSVP Advisory Council of Sussex County starts a food drive Monday that lasts into March. Food goes to Sussex County state service centers to fill crisis food requests. Drop sites are Hocker’s in Clarksville, Giant Foods in Millville, Long Neck and Rehoboth Beach, and Food Lions in Millville and Long Neck.


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 Stay Blessed – No Stress in the New Year!










Delaware State University College Tour

Hello Friends and Happy Saturday

By the time you read this hubby and I will be in Dover on the campus of our Alma Mater, Delaware State (College) University with our youngest son.



You can only imagine all the emotions that I might be experiencing right now…whoa…just the thought of hubby and I walking “The Yard” 30 years ago…and now today walking it with our “baby boy” ….break out the tissues!  

I’ll take plenty of pictures and try to stay focused in order to document the day, and not reminiscence of my past days at DSC – Class of ’83!

But in the meantime, I hope you are having a Super Saturday – Smooches!