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Bring Back the Blue Laws

I never thought that one day I would say, “Bring Back the Blue Laws” in Delaware.  However, with all the anger, anxiety and angst in the world today, I sometimes wish the Blue Laws were still in effect, well not all of them, but at least the one about shopping on Sundays.

Retail store closed sign

In 1976, my uncle Ernest (deceased), was an Air Force Master Sergeant stationed at Dover Air Force Base, in Dover, Delaware.  He wanted to relocate his mother, my grandmother from The Projects in New Rochelle, NY to a home in Dover. 

When we moved to Dover, there were more Amish Horse and Buggys on the road than there were cars, there were even hitching posts at the local ACME.

Amish carriage

Spirits could not be sold but I was too young to drink, so not being able to purchase alcohol from a “package store” wasn’t a big deal.  I do, however, remember that after attending Sunday Service, we would go home to change clothes, have dinner and then just chillax (chill and relax). 

We would kick back and read, watch television or walk around the neighborhood.  After dinner we would have a family meeting, which my sister and I hated but it did start the week off right.

Sunday, was a day that we looked forward to of not doing anything major and if any chores were required, like ironing it couldn’t be done before 6:00 p.m. 

Life wasn’t exactly “Little House on the Prairie” but as a Boomer who longs for a little of that life, it was a time of rest, relaxation and reflection…something that we can all benefit from today.


I am not naive and do understand that in today’s world it wouldn’t be economically feasible for retail stores to close their doors. Employees can ill afford to lose a day’s pay especially with the cost of everything being so high; but wouldn’t it be nice if we all could just unplug and unwind to reconnect with our family and friends just one day every week?

Relax it's Sunday

Chime in, what are your thoughts?


  • I remember back in Missouri when they put this up to a vote there being SOS signs all over the place (save our Sundays) I’m not sure if I’d want to go back to that time but sometimes l wonder.

  • I think this is totally do able but it isn’t in the hands of the biz its actually I believe in the consumer. If we don’t shop they can’t be open. Its like Black Friday or even early Thursday night right after Turkey dinner! If no one is out there shopping then they would see they need to be closed but society is so greedy and all about me me me that we give them the power. Sorry for my rant! I just feel a strong passion for quite time. Great share mama

    • DeDivahDeals says:

      Thank you, I don’t mind the rant as you are not the only person feeling that way. I try to get everything done on Saturday so that I don’t need to be in the store on Sunday especially the grocery store! Hope all is well on your side of the world.

  • Haralee says:

    I grew up in MA and remember the Blue Laws well. Skating rink was open if the ponds were not frozen on Sundays but not a whole lot! It is odd to tell kids that places used to closed on Sundays!

  • DeDivahDeals says:

    No, I can’t imagine telling the millennials and gen x and y that there once was a time when they couldn’t shop the mall on a Sunday!

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