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A Day in DC at The White House

Two weeks ago my son’s and I had an opportunity to tour the East Wing of The White House along with my best friend and her family who were visiting from Rancho Cucamonga, CA.  The mini men and I took the Amtrak Regional Rail from the Wilmington station at 7:04 am and arrived at Union Station in DC an hour and a half later. 

Union Station in Washington DC

It was another warm July morning so it was a pleasure, albeit a bit costly to catch a cab from Union Station to the White House instead of walking the 1.6 miles.  I was thankful to my best friend’s son who had invited us to take the tour with them, however, we didn’t get the memo of the prohibited items so my sons and I ended up walking at least 5 miles trying to find a locker to store my purse and camera.

Unfortunately, I never found one and thought I would have to miss the tour, but fortunately, Noah’s office was close enough that he could store it there until we completed the tour. 

Prohibited items include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Video Recorders

  • Handbags, book bags, backpacks or purses

  • Food or beverages, tobacco products, personal grooming items (i.e. makeup, lotion, etc.)

  • Strollers

  • Any pointed objects

  • Aerosol containers

  • Guns, ammunition, fireworks, electric stun guns, mace, martial arts weapons/devices, or knives of any size

Obviously, there were several security checkpoints to clear before we were actually inside The White House, but once inside we were able to take our time on this self-guided tour.  Thanks to the change in the “no photo” policy we were also able to take a lot of pictures and if you follow me on Instagram you probably saw a few of these.

Secret Service Security

The tour began at the Visitor’s Entrance where you are welcomed by a recorded greeting from the President and First Lady Obama, and the self-guided tour gives you plenty of time to check out the various rooms and portraits.  We were also fortunate in that we were treated to a musical performance by the Drama Kings and Queens, a Los Angeles Speech and Language Therapy Center, Inc.

best friends since 4th grade

The Clinton family


Pictures on the wall of The White House

Through the windows you can see carefully landscaped gardens and grounds and floral arrangements brighten some of the rooms.  The carpets are rolled back and the rooms are roped off, however, you can get a good view of the Library, Vermeil Room (gilded silver), China Room, The Diplomatic Reception Room, The East Room, The Green Room, The Blue Room, The Red Room which was my favorite and The State Dining Room.

The China Room in the White House

The Vermeil Room in the White House State Dining Room in the White House

Fresh Flowers in the Blue Room


I was really fascinated by the Red Carpet, it’s the one that President Obama walks on during his major announcements.  The President and First Lady were in Philadelphia for the DNC Convention so we didn’t get an opportunity to see them in person. 

Red Carpet in the White House Tayair and I in The White House

However, we did see a lot of pictures and the China Sets from each of the various administrations.  We stayed on the main floor as the second and third floors are used exclusively by the Presidential family and guests. 

White House China The Obama's State Dinner China

It was a once in a lifetime event and I was glad to be able to share it with not only my best friend since 4th grade but also with my sons.

My best friend and I at The White House

The front entrance to the White House The Red Room at the White House White House Tour


family in front of The White House

After the tour we had a quick lunch together and then said our goodbyes at the Metro Station.  They headed to the airport and the mini men and I took the Metro to the National Air and Space Museum where we hung out to stay cool until it was time to head back to Union Station and catch the train back home.

Metro in Washington DC


museums in Washington DC

National Air and Space Museum


Have you ever taken a tour of The White House?  If not, and you want more information on how to request one, click on this link

Vacation tour of The White House

  Homeless Mural in Washington sightseeing in Washington The Capital monuments in Washington our men in Washington

Mid Atlantic Wine & Food Festival

Hello friends, I hope all is well in your world.  On Sunday I attended the 2015 Mid Atlantic Wine & Food Festival which was held in The Atrium of the Community Education Building in Wilmington.  It was a fantastic fundraising brunchtime fete filled with food, fun, wine and enthusiastic entertainment.

Mid Atlantic wine and food festival


The Atrium was filled with tasty foods from 18 MidAtlantic chefs plus local wines, brews and spirits.  I wanted to try a tapa from each of the participating restaurants, but instead I chose restraint.  I did however, have an opportunity to sample the Peach Cobbler Cupcakes with Bacon Ice Cream from Desserts by Dana; it was an explosion of goodness.  The Egg Yolk Ravioli with Pancetta and White Wine Sauce was also an awesome creation from Piccolina Toscana.


mawffest 1

The Whipped Goat Cheese with Soy Pickled Shiitake and Chai Tea Pickled Grapes was a tantalizing treat to the palate and this creation was made by the chef from Wilmington Pickling Company



You know me, I couldn’t bypass the Wine Tasting or Bloody Mary Bars however, I only had one glass of a wonderful Sparkling Vidal from Crow Farm and Vineyard and a Calini Prosecco from the Tricky Rabbit brand.  I had no idea that there was a distillery literally in my backyard, about 30 miles south in Smyrna. Ron Gomes from Painted Stave had an assortment of cocktails and after trying just one I knew it was definitely worth taking a 20 minute drive down to make a few purchases!

mawffest5 mawffest4

The presentations and tapas were excellent, including the Pickled Egg Salad on Toast with Lox, Smoked Egg Aioli and Chervil created by SoDel Concepts. Culinary Art students from William Penn HS Bistro at Penn Farm created several tasty treats including the “Gimlet”, Surf Clams with Lime Pudding and the Shallot-Cucumber Marmalade and Thai Pepper.

mawffest6 In addition to the extensive array of foods and wines, there were energetic and soulful performances by students from the Christiana Cultural Arts Center and Ku’umba Academy.  A portion of the proceeds were to help them with the purchase of instruments, check out their performances on my YouTube channel.  Lively music was played throughout the day by local DJ’s: Zip, Jang O’Fett and DJ JMack.

mawffest 2

mawffest ensemble

There were so many smiling faces and friendly people in the Atrium that in between taking pics and sips I did a little networking; business card exchanging and thoroughly enjoyed meeting some new folks.




I am looking forward to attending the next Taste of the MidAtlantic event and hope to spend more time taste testing because I did miss out on these treats:

DeDivahDeals Signature Floral

My Day with a Chevy Silverado

Last week as I was heading into work my little “Bloggy Buggy” started acting strangely and knowing that she was in no condition to make the hour and a half commute I drove directly to Diver Chevrolet in Wilmington. What I had anticipated to be some minor adjustments turned into a full two-day recall repair.

However, this minor setback did give me an opportunity to drive a new Chevy Silverado and man oh man, what a great vehicle. First of all, I drove in with the smallest Chevy, the tiny blue Spark and drove out with the largest loaner available the Silverado. To say I was wee bit nervous would be an understatement because the last large vehicle I drove was a mini van when the boys were young. However, once I adjusted the seats and mirrors then drove it for about and hour I was in 7th heaven. My Chevy Silverado loaner

It’s amazing the type of respect you get from other drivers on the road with a vehicle of this size as opposed to my tiny “toy car’. The interior was comfy and roomy enough to seat 8, and the SiriusXM Satellite Radio sound system was awesome, I was jamming to Jazz all the way to work!

Seating in Chevy Silverado Roomy Chevy Silverado Dashboard of Silverado backseat of Chevy Silverado

The back up camera was so cool that when I got home, hubby and I drove up and down the driveway several times just because! This truck was by far a much more comfortable and smooth ride that I’ve ever experienced and surprisingly it wan’t too bad on gas mileage either.

Backup Camera Chevy Silverado Review

However, the next day I did exchange it for the Chevy Cruze which was the vehicle that my son originally wanted.  On 95 in rush hour traffic I need to be able to maneuver a little bit more and I didn’t want to risk running over anyone with a large truck – just kidding (lol).

Chevy Cruze Chevy Cruze

Thanks Diver Cherolet, for not only servicing my car and letting me have two different loaners but for also having the best Valets in the state – those guys are great!  See ya next month for an oil change!

Chevy Silverado

Chevy Silverado for a Day


Sunday Stylin Roundup

sunday stylin roundup

Hello friends, I trust you all had a wonderful weekend, mine was quite busy and it’s going to continue late into the night.

This evening I will be heading up to Wilmington to cover the Gordesi Launch Experience – Summer 2015 Collection as part of the VIP Press corp.  I am really looking forward to attending this fashion event and I can’t wait to bring you all the exciting coverage.

Speaking of fashion, here is last week’s outfit roundup.

All in the Family

I am going to title this outfit “All in the Family”.  Reading through fashion blogs I learned that if you are going to mix patterns, make sure the colors are all in the same family.  So with this maxi skirt and black and white shirt, I chose to wear leopard print shoes and purse, I surprised myself with how it all came together.  

The belt, purse and top were all thrifted from Goodwill, the flats were purchased at Citi Trends and the skirt has been in my closet forever. What do you think?

Black and Blue Block

This outfit I am calling “Black and Blue Block”.  You know how much I like my sleeveless sheath dresses and this one from Ross is no exception, and with it are my favorite Mia heels and Buddah Bag.  

Necklace is Avon and bracelet is Old Navy.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the best thing about a sheath dress is that you can wear it all year long by just adding a blazer or cardigan when the temperatures dip.  Speaking of Avon, check out my latest YouTube Video, it’s an Avon unboxing which includes beauty supplies that will be part of my Holiday Spa Day Giveaway coming next month!

Autumn Brights

Here I am in a bright Autumn orange.  Orange is definitely a color that works well with my skin tone, not only in the summer but also during the fall.  I like this top because it is so colorful and I think it was purchased at Rugged Wearhouse, can’t remember, but the wedge heels were.  

I love to mix and match my bangle bracelets as well as the multi color necklace. This Pumpkin floral arrangement was a free find at work, it almost got tossed in the trash but it’s the only thing I use to decorate the house because I donated all the other Halloween decorations a few years ago.  Now that my sons are older, we don’t really celebrate it anymore.  

Do you decorate the house and yard for Halloween?

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Pumpkin Floral arrangement

My only Halloween Decoration

This last outfit is entitled “Wild Wednesday”.  Unfortunately, hubby didn’t get a good view of the peep toe wedges as they also have the “wild stripes” along the bottom.

Wild Wednesday

This purse has been in my closet since 2008, it was one of those “I have to go back and get it” finds at a Flea Market in Orlando.  Unfortunately, it has been on the top shelf in my closet for years but I just won’t get rid of it.  I love the Egyptian pattern but it’s too small to even hold my wallet!  

This khaki skirt was thrifted and the top is a one-piece twin set.  In keeping with the wild theme, I am wearing brass earrings, beaded necklace, multi metal bracelet and oversized handmade ring – it was a wild and crazy day!  So which outfit did you like the best?  

Enjoy the rest of your day and we’ll chat tomorrow at Money Monday.  

Stay Blessed ~ No Stress in 2014!



Girl’s Night Out | The Money School of Delaware

Hello Friends and Happy Tuesday.

Last week I had the opportunity to not only attend a Girl’s Night Out sponsored by The Money School of Delaware, but to also present a segment on frugal fashion tips.  This 1st Annual FREE event was held in celebration of the 10th Anniversary of From Purses to Portfolios, the Money School’s signature event.

The Money School of Delaware hosted Girl's Night Out


Girl’s Night Out the brainchild of Program Director, Shaquilla Holmes was held at the Claymont Community Center where 14 vendors including Nails by Cyn, Alvina Designs, and Pure Pleasure showcased their products and services.  Food was provided by Shoprite and the wine was donated by Quadia Muhammad.

Girls Night Out Vendors Girls Night Out Vendors Girls Night Out Vendors

Girls Night Out Vendors Girls Night Out Vendors Girls Night Out Vendors
Girl's Night Out Vendor Girls Night Out Girls Night Out 041 Girls Night Out Vendors Girls Night Out Vendors

Girls Night Out Vendors   Girls Night Out Vendors


Girls Night Out vendor

The program kicked off with a welcome and overview by Ronni Cohen, DFLI Executive Director as well as an introduction of the new Money Clubs Director Chrisi Lockwood.  Dana Thurston, member of “Penney’s 2 Dollars Money Club” spoke about their club’s events and activities which was then followed by the “Guess the Pennies” and “What’s in Your Purse” games.

Ronni introducing Christi  Dana Thurston

Ken Briscoe, Director of Communications and Cultural Affairs for the City of Wilmington provided information about the Budget Friendly Activities being held this summer in the city.  My segment  “Savvy Shopping for the Frugal Fashionista” and “Guess the Cost” game was sponsored by The Great Stuff Savvy Resale Shop in Wilmington.

 Ken Briscoe representing the City of Wilmington

Girls Night Out Sponsored by The Money School of DE

Ronni and I – Girl’s Night Out


The evening ended with Door Prizes and networking.  It was a wonderful event and I wish to thank Shaquilla and the entire DFLI staff for all of their hard work and efforts in putting together this wonderful and successful event!

Wine Time Dana and Penny manning the registration table Ronni Cohen, Exec Director Quadia and Ken Lynette taking the Money School Pledge Active audience participation Penny's Club member Family of Girls Night Out

Enjoy the rest of your day and I’ll see you tomorrow!

Stay Blessed ~ No Stress in 2014!




High Heels in High Places | NABFEME

Friday night I attended “High Heels in High Places” which was presented by NABFEME, the National Association of Black Female Executives in Music & Entertainment, Inc.  This FREE event was held at the Nemours Building in Wilmington and was sponsored by

Johnnie Walker, President and CEO of NABFEME kicked off the evening with a brief description and stated the the mission of NABFEME, which “was created to be a vehicle of support that would increase the awareness and raise the profile of minority women in entertainment.”  

Johnnie Walker, President and CEO of NABFEME

Demia Avery, owner of Avery Sisters Entertainment was the MC and sat on the dais with 10 empowered women representing industries and positions that included:  Sales and Hospitality; Entrepreneurship; Authors; Music and Concert Promotion; Fashion; Life Empowerment Coach; Entertainment Attorney; and Recording Artists. 

Demia Avery, MC

Panelist of High Heels in High Places

Friend and owner of Mejah Books, Emylyn DeGannes was one of the panelist, and you may remember her from a previous feature on my blog (click here).

Cynthia Tyre, Emylyn DeGannes and Patty Harris

This 3-hour interactive event was a “power surge” from ladies-in-the-know to help others grow.  The audience participation was lively with great questions and observations as well as few light hearted comments from a man in attendance. 

Don’t Try It – Just Do It” was one of the well received catch phrases, “Mentors Are Angels in Disguise”; “Live Out Your Passion and You’ll Never Work” and “Stand and Be Still – With God Nothing is Impossible” were the major themes throughout the night and struck a cord with many of the attendees.

The evening ended with networking, exchanging of cards and group photos.  It was a great event and I would like to thank Avery Sister Entertainment for bringing NABFEME to Wilmington and look forward to other empowering events in Delaware.

Group Photos

Group Photo

Stay Blessed – No Stress in 2014!


DDD Signature with butterflies and frame

Delaware Today’s Women in Business Luncheon

Hello friends and Happy Tuesday

Last week I attended Delaware Today’s signature event, Women in Business Luncheon (Upstate) which was held at The Chase Center on the Riverfront in Wilmington.  This annual event is held to showcase and highlight Delaware’s women in business and provides a great opportunity to network, share and connect with others.  It was a warm and beautiful December day made even more so by the smiling faces on the many men and women who came out in support. Delaware Today Luncheon The lobby of the Chase Center was filled with hundreds of people engaged in lively conversations, and various Sponsors of the luncheon had tables of information, giveaways and games.  Music by Phillip Berger entertained the crowd with mellow sounds until noon, then we made our way into the main Ballroom for lunch and the afternoon program. Delaware Today Luncheon Delaware Today Luncheon Delaware Today Luncheon

Inside the Riverfront Ballroom each table was decorated with a fresh and fragrant floral arrangement provided by Belak Flowers.  The owner Barbara Williams was seated next to me and we had a pleasant conversation throughout lunch.  On each seat was a take-away-tote bag provided by Del-One and it contained a few goodies from Bayada, YMCAde, Goldey Beacom College, Christiana Care, Ursuline Academy, Morris James LLP and Continental Jewelers.

The meal was delicious and consisted of a mixed greens salad, 1/2 Cornish Hen, Couscous, Steamed Broccoli and Cauliflower.  It was definitely far more than what I normally eat, so unfortunately the slice of cake remained uneaten!

Delaware Today

Dr. Maria Hess, Editor-in-Chief of Delaware Today Magazine opened the program acknowledging the recipients of this year’s Women in Business Awards. As each name was read the women stepped to the podium and it was wonderfully encouraging to see the diversity among them all.  You can find the full list of recipients along with their photos on the Delaware Today website.

Delaware Today

Delaware Today Award Recipients

Emcee and NBC10 anchor, Tracy Davidson introduced the guest speaker, Dr. Janice Nevin, Chief Medical Officer, Christiana Care Health Systems.

Delaware Today Luncheon

Dr. Nevin gave an enlightening and sometimes humorous presentation.  She acknowledged the men and women who challenged her, giving her the resiliency to break through sexual barriers that once held her back.   Graduating from the once all-male St. Andrews High School in Middletown, was just the beginning of her becoming “the first female” in many areas of her life including during Medical School.  

Sheer determination and learning to “lean in” makes her the wonderful wife, mother, and Chief Medical Officer who is compassionate and resilient despite the odds. 

The day ended just as it started with lots of lively conversations, networking, sharing and smiles.  

Thank You Delaware Today for honoring these wonderful women!

Delaware Today Luncheon Delaware Today Luncheon

Delaware Today Lunheon 056

Delaware Today Luncheon Delaware Today

Delaware Today Luncheon   Delaware Today Luncheon Delaware Today Magazine

Delaware Today Lunheon 090



Delaware Today Lunheon 106


Delaware Today Lunheon 101


Blogging For Your Small Business

Last week I taught another class, this one was “Blogging For Your Small Business” held at The Bear Public Library, in Bear, DE.   It was the second blogging class that I had an opportunity to teach thanks to The Money School of Delaware.  There weren’t as many students enrolled in this class which allowed us more time for questions and answers as well as to do a little networking.

Blogging for Small Business

Blogging for Small Business

Enjoying teaching the class

Enjoying teaching the class

In attendance, along with her mother was Kayla Williams, a 9 year old who is the owner and designer of Kay-Luv-Kreations Jewelry. Kayla showcased her current line of jewelry and has already participated in several vendoring events at Churches and local Craft Shows.  This young lady is a lovely entrepreneur and her mother is certainly proud of her.  Kayla can be contacted via email at

Greens, OOTD and blogging class 022

Lynette Oliver, The SewLadi, creates and sells adorable Handmade Gift Items including Hats, Scarves, Dolls, Key Chain Holders, Money trees, Business Card Holders and Cotton Dish Cloth Dresses. Lynette also conducts sewing, knitting and crocheting classes and has an Etsy Shop, Lynette can be reached at

Regina Redden, Consultant/Educator is a very passionate woman when it comes to the upbringing and educating today’s youth. Helping early childhood educators provide building blocks for a strong foundation is her motto, and she can be reached at

Also in attendance was Carla Shipman owner of Declutter Enterprise, LLC, who I had previously met at The Money School’s Green Tie Event.  I will definitely be enlisting her services in preparation of downsizing our home over the course of the next several years.  Carla can be reached at

Rasheeda Demby-Chenault is the Owner/Stylist/Aesthetician of Demby International Beauty Studio located in Wilmington. Rasheeda can be contacted at

Greens, OOTD and blogging class 020

Carla Holland, is a Training Coordinator and Business Advisor for the University of Delaware Small Business & Technology Development Center. If you require additional information about this program, feel free to reach out to Carla at

Greens, OOTD and blogging class 018

The only male attendee in the class was Willard Williams, of Gemstone Real Estate Group, who kept me on my toes with his many questions.  As an educator it’s job satisfaction when you can share your knowledge with others especially to those who are eager to learn.  If you are in need of housing services, rentals, lease or purchases, Willard can be reached at

Blogging for Small Business Class

Listening to the questions

Listening to the questions

I would like to once again thank The Money School of Delaware for giving me an opportunity to be a guest instructor.  I know that it is a stepping stone leading to something great for my retirement years…yes, I’m putting it into the atmosphere!

Greens, OOTD and blogging class 028

Have a fantabulous day – Smooches


Delaware Volunteer Firefighter’s Association Annual Parade

Hello Friends and Happy Monday, I hope you all had a nice weekend and that the weather was just as nice where you were as it was here in Delaware.  Saturday before leaving Dover my sons and I drove through downtown and noticed a large gathering on The Green.  Unfortunately, we had just missed the annual parade of The Delaware Volunteer Firefighter’s Association but I stopped to take pictures of some of the trucks and engines which were prominently on display.

Dover, DE

September 2013 012

September 2013 013

September 2013 014

September 2013 015

September 2013 016

Volunteer Fire Companies from around the state participated and vied for the coveted Governor’s Cup which was awarded to Smyrna’s Citizens Hose Company for the 34th year.

September 2013 027

September 2013 028

September 2013 030

September 2013 029

September 2013 018

September 2013 031

September 2013 017

Families and friends enjoyed themselves, eating, drinking, and playing while a DJ played a variety of music to keep everyone entertained before the awards ceremony.

September 2013 024

September 2013 023

September 2013 021


This traditional family friendly festival is just one of many events held annually in the Capital City of Dover.

September 2013 032

Dover, DE

Dover, DE

Dover, DE


Dover, DE


Dover, DE

Bowers, DE

Gotta love the back of this truck!

Have fantabulous day – Smooches!