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Thank You Delaware State Troopers

Flat Tire Friday

Thank You Delaware State Troopers

Friday night my son called a cop…

“911 what’s your emergency?”

I have a flat tire

“Are you okay sir?”


“Where are you located?”

Past the Christiana Mall heading South before Route 273.

Friday night, as I walked through the door after meeting with a new client, Sandra P., owner of SPJFitnessPlus I heard my husband on the phone having a FaceTime conversation with our son, who was on the side of the road, in the dark with a flat tire.

He having never experienced this, his first reaction was to call 911 and then AAA.

The thought of my son on the side of the road in the dark, my mind immediately raced to the headlines of the most recent murder of Corey Jones in Florida by an under cover police officer as he too waited for Roadside assistance. The second thought was that of Ennis Cosby, who was also murdered along the side of the road as he was changing a flat tire in 1997.  

The Delaware State Trooper who was dispatched to the scene was there before my husband and I arrived and he waited to ensure our son was alright before being called elsewhere.  However, not more than 10 minutes had passed after we pulled up did another Delaware State Trooper arrive who had obviously been contacted because he offered to speak to AAA dispatch to make sure they had the correct location of the stranded vehicle.

stranded on the side of the road with a flat tire

Still waiting for the AAA driver, we 3 huddled together under the umbrella because it had started to rain, then my husband commented that he never knew that State Troopers would stay with a motorist who simply had a flat tire.  I was grateful that they each did because the cars were flying up Route 1 so fast that I felt safer standing outside the vehicle than sitting inside it.

Standing next to my son like a mama bear protecting her cub even though this cub is 23, I was thankful for him and for his safety.  Unfortunately, I didn’t take time to thank the Trooper who stayed and waited with us until we were safely on our way; so this post is dedicated to both of the Delaware State Troopers who were dispatched to the scene of a disabled motorist on Route 1 South, Friday, 11/6/2015 at 7:00 p.m.

Thank you!

Thank you DeState Troopers


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