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DIY – “Yeah Baby” – it’s the 70’s Again

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As a 60’s baby I loved the cool styles, patterns and colors of the 70’s and now it’s fashionable again. In thinking about the mod dungarees we wore in Junior High I decided to change up a pair of wide leg jeans. They were purchased at Walmart on clearance for $9.00 and the fabric were scraps that was with my sewing supplies.

The jeans were long enough for me to cut off an inch or two and then add a small piece of fabric. I cut a strip long enough to go around the bottom of the pant legs, folded, ironed, pinned, and then sewed it together. I like to sew but I could have easily used fabric glue or tape instead. Another scrap piece was glued to the front of the jeans like a patch, I may add some to the back pockets as well – real old skool!

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