Jun 19

Food and Drinks in the Dominican Republic

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Hello friends and happy Feel Good Friday!

Today I am going to show you just a few of the foods and drinks that we consumed while in the Dominican Republic. I must admit that I was a bit disappointed to find out that that spicy foods were not standard fare…who knew? The next time I’m going to have to do a “Patti Labelle” and bring my own little bottle of hot sauce!

Food and Drinks from the Dominican Republic

Breakfast with Passion Fruit, tart and Mimosa


Despite not having any spicy foods, we did learn that chicken, rice, beans and salad were diet staples so we ate a lot of that as well as plenty of fresh fruits and according to hubby the sweetest Pineapple juice on earth.

Dominican Republic Vacation 2015 263 Dominican Republic Vacation 2015 346 Dominican Republic Vacation 2015 404


Although I didn’t drink any of the Pineapple juice, I did indulge in plenty of other beverages including Coco Locos, Sex on the Beach, Presidente beer, Sangria, Mimosas, and Bloody Mary’s…notice a trend here?

Sex on the Beach

Dominican Republic Vacation 2015 099 At the Rum factory Coco Loco


While there we decided to purchase a unit in the Lifestyles Holidays Vacation Resorts so all of our dinners were then upgraded from the standard restaurants to those which were a bit more extravagant including at the Gourmet, Jazz, Trapiche and The Blue Lagoon.  

BTW, talk to me if you want to spend a week or more in the DR, you can  rent from us, starting at $199.00 per week plus travel and meal plan.

Lamb chops

lamb chops

These two styles of Lamb Chops were the best that I had ever eaten and the Mexican chicken wings were normally sized and seasoned to perfection.  We also ate a variety of seafood which included Rock Lobster however, I like Maine Lobster much better.

Dominican Republic Vacation 2015 340 Dominican Republic Vacation 2015 341 Dominican Republic Vacation 2015 342 Dominican Republic Vacation 2015 495 Dominican Republic Vacation 2015 500 Dominican Republic Vacation 2015 200

Dominican Republic Vacation 2015 279

Dominican Republic Vacation 2015 496

Most of these restaurants required men to wear trousers and since hubby and Tayair had only brought shorts, during our Tuesday tour with a driver we shopped to purchase a few pairs.

We also hit up one of the local eateries for lunch and their food was reasonably priced, served family style for 4 only cost us $15.00 and the food was awesome!

Dominican Republic Vacation 2015 240 Dominican Republic Vacation 2015 241

Travel Tip: when staying at a resort, try to leave and eat where the locals do as you will get a better taste of the culture.

We also ate sugar cane which was pulled directly from the side of the road which was an experience that I wanted my men to have.

To say that we ate and drank more than our share during our time at the Lifestyles Holidays Vacation Resorts would be an understatement!

Dominican Republic Vacation 2015 228 Dominican Republic Vacation 2015 224 Dominican Republic Vacation 2015 225

Throughout the resort there were always snacks available at each of the 7 beaches and pool areas as well as plenty of bars for liquid refreshments, both alcoholic and non.  

As a matter of fact at Lifestyles Holidays Vacation Resort in Puerto Plata, there are over 11 restaurants and 12 bars which are all part of the all inclusive meal plan!  

Next week I will give you an overview of the property as well as video coverage so you can see for yourself just how beautiful this resort is.

Dominican Republic Vacation 2015 293 Dominican Republic Vacation 2015 296 Dominican Republic Vacation 2015 298 Dominican Republic Vacation 2015 452 Dominican Republic Vacation 2015 453 Dominican Republic Vacation 2015 491 Dominican Republic Vacation 2015 501

When vacationing, I try to watch my caloric intake and thankfully only gained 3 lbs during this trip.  

Do you watch your weight and exercise when vacationing or do you subscribe to the YOLO philosophy (you only live once)?

Rice pudding Beignet Cheesecake



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  1. I never watch my diet on vacay. I want to experience it all. You look great. Vacay agrees with ya 🙂 Your place is available for $199 per week??? I’m interested. How do I find out more about renting and availablity?

  2. Yes, and thank you. Send me an email and I’ll forward all the details – ablake48@verizon.net

    • Sonya K on June 19, 2015 at 12:44 pm
    • Reply

    All of the food looks yummy. I love salads, fruit, rice, and beans, so I would love eating in the Domican Republic.

    1. Then you would be right at home!

  3. Nice pics and the food looks delicious!

    1. Robin, the food was delicious and I was thinking about and missing those lamb chops. The best thing was that you could ask for a double order of anything!

  4. Ok wow. What a great trip! I was loving this post. I was sharing it with my husband and showing him we gotta find out more soon and rent from you and go there in the future. He has been before as he was a Cruise Director for 15 years in his past career! I have not been. I am so excited and feel from the way you wrote the post I was there too! I can’t wait to see your next post & video on it! And the food OOOO my gosh looks amazing.

    1. Suzie, it was an absolutely awesome vacation. Just wait until you see the resort pics and entertainment videos. You and hubby would have a fantabulus time!

  5. Will keep you in mind for the vacay options. I’ve always gone off the resort to experience the real people and land of where I’ve visited. Gotten some of the best food that way too.

    1. Yes, the food was awesome, and it was fun eating with the locals during their midday meal.

  6. Looks like an amazing place!

    Also, I am surprised the food isn’t spicy! I would have assumed it was!

    1. me too – I was so disappointed!!!

      1. I guess it just means you’ll have to visit somewhere with spicy food in the future.

        1. Yes, I guess so.

  7. I’m drooling, lol! Everything looks so delicious!


    1. It was awesome…still thinking about it and why I didn’t ask for more while I was there, especially the Tapas!

  8. Yall was living it up in DR!!! I never watch my diet when I’m on vacation. I want to enjoy my time instead of being miserable counting calories. I’ll worry about my weight gain later.

    1. I know I was…don’t know about my men but it was a great vacay – can’t wait to go back! I don’t watch my weight but should have eaten more Tapas.

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