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Sleep Number Coolfit Foam Pillow Review

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Sleep Number Coolfit Foam Pillow Review

Disclosure: I received this Sleep Number Coolfit Foam Pillow FREE in exchange for a product review.   All opinions are 100% my own.

Hello friends, I hope all is well in your world. As a blogger my mind is constantly running a mile per minute and getting a good night’s sleep isn’t something that comes easily. That coupled with “pillow pounding” and snatching back the covers, (thanks to menopause) I wake up exhausted!

I recently received a Sleep Number CoolFit Foam Pillow as part of my Sleep Number store experience and SleepIQ technology feedback with #Smiley360.

Smiley360 Pillow

I normally purchase new pillows several times during the year because they lose their shape and go flat, but I can tell already that his Sleep Number Coolfit Foam Pillow is not going to lose it’s shape or go flat. Heavier than a normal pillow with a contoured shape for neck support will keep it on my bed for a long time.

However, the best feature of this pillow is the Coolfit technology which is especially important now, because I hate waking up in a sweat.

Smiley360 Bear

Initially there was a strong odor or new product scent, so I removed the cover and placed it and the pillow inside the dryer with a fabric softener sheet and after a few cycles the smell dissipated.

Product Review 009

I can honestly say that I like this pillow and feel as though I am getting a better night’s sleep, or at least I’m not losing more sleep via pillow punching!  

How about you; are you a pillow puncher, cover snatcher or do you sleep like a new born baby?

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