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Apr 02

Happy Birthday Up There!

Her hands Her touch Her soft white hair   Her smile Her laugh A smirk or a glare   Her song Her hum The way she rocked in her chair   Her voice Her eyes You knew that she cared Mama Nana Momma Midget   We love you We miss you Happy Birthday Up There …

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Sep 05

A Little Something Sweet ~ Mini Banana Loaf

Hello friends, I remember when I was growing up my grandmother always had to have “a little something sweet” after eating dinner.  She believed everything in moderation and never over ate, but she loved her sweets. She would also proudly remind me that the most she ever weighed was 120 lbs, and that was when …

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May 01

In Loving Memory of My Grandmother

Gone but never forgotten….

Mar 11

Celebrating Women’s History Month

March is Women’s History Month Women are mothers, daughters, grandmothers, aunties, cousins, friends, nieces, teachers, preachers, sisters, neighbors, educators, caregivers, employees, employers, owners, entrepreneurs, guidance counselors, creators, inventors, investors, investigators, helpers, wives, girlfriends, lovers, singers, divas, dancers, actresses, artists, disciplinarians, mediators, physicians, schedulers, chauffeurs, bankers, buyers, cooks, chefs, cleaners, household managers, coaches, bloggers, shoppers, shapers, innovators, magicians, …

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Feb 17

Super Foods For Seniors – Chapter 4

Hello Friends and Happy Monday I trust you all had a wonderful weekend and to my friends in the Mid-Atlantic, I hope you have dug out from last week’s Nor’Easter.  We are getting closer and closer to Spring and hopefully we’ll forget all about this winter’s wild and cold weather.  However, if you do want …

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Jan 28

Super Foods for Seniors

Hello Friends and Happy Tuesday I have a wonderful aunt who for the past 20 years has always sent me a box of Chocolate Covered Cherries for Christmas.  She also likes to include a little something extra for me and the boys like a hat, scarf, gloves or toiletries.  This year, in addition to the …

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Dec 16

Sunrise & Sunset From The Back Deck

Hello Friends and Happy Monday I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and are up and at ’em for a terrific week ahead.  I’m usually up at 6:00 a.m. but never home before 6:00 p.m, which is why I can catch a weekday sunrise but not a sunset.  However, thanks to last week’s snow …

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Nov 03

Minted.com Personalized Holiday Cards

 This is a sponsored post for Minted.com, for more information please read my Disclosure Statement located in the top tab.  Hello Friends and Happy Sunday, I hope you enjoyed that extra hour of sleep!  Now we can talk about the holidays? My grandmother loved to write and send out greeting cards, she would buy them …

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Sep 17

Sitcoms of the 60’s

Hello Friends and Happy Tuesday! Driving home last evening I started thinking about the old TV sitcoms that I loved to watch as a child, the ones that made me rush through dinner so I could lay in front of the television set until bedtime.  We didn’t have a lot of homework so the only …

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Sep 07

Somber Saturday

Today we lay to rest the body of Mrs. Elizabeth Adelaide Blake Mother of my husband for 57 years Mother-In-Law to me for 23 years Grandmother to my sons for 17 and 21 years * May her soul Rest In Peace for all eternity and the memories of her life live on forever God Bless …

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