Mar 27

These Three Words

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Have you ever listened to the words in the song, These Three Words by Stevie Wonder?

After my sister died the words in this song became more meaningful, and it was played during my grandmother’s Memorial Service.  When they were alive we never left each other or ended a conversation without a saying these three words – I LOVE YOU.


We have an elderly neighbor who has been a widow for over 20 years, she no longer drives so each morning she is standing in her garage waiting for her ride, it’s usually her daughter.  I leave for work, normally late and always in a hurry so when I see her I just wave quickly and continue driving.  This morning looking down the street I could see her standing in her garage waiting for her ride, and once again I am running late this time by more than 20 minutes.  As I drove closer for some strange reason I decided to slow down, stop and ask her how she was feeling.  Watching her slowly walk down the driveway there was such sadness in her eyes, I immediately got out of the car to greet her.

Her only child, her one daughter went to sleep and never woke up…she wasn’t ill…no medical issues…in her 50’s…just went to sleep and never woke up.  Tears streaming down both our faces, hugging tightly, she whispered in my ear, “I just wish I was there to tell her I Love You”

I pray never to know the pain of losing a child but the loss of any loved one leaves a hole in your heart…pick up the phone today and say These Three Words.

love you


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  1. pam@over50feeling40

    Powrful post…thank you for sharing.

    1. DeDivahDeals

      Thank you, the words to that song sums it up!

  2. Britton

    That is so sad. I try to be sure to tell my loved ones all the time “I love you” because you never know if the time you see that person would be the last.

    1. DeDivahDeals

      Definitely, that’s how it was with my lil sis, thank God the last words we spoke were “I love you” Stay blessed!

  3. imagesbytdashfield

    That just tears at my heart and how well I can understand. Thanks for sharing.

    1. DeDivahDeals

      Thank you, sis! Virtual hug

      1. imagesbytdashfield

        Back atcha with a side of you know what chips 😉

  4. kaefer's

    wow, nice post!

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    1. DeDivahDeals

      Thank you my friend.

  5. Life and Stuff

    Yes, always express love in all that you do… thanks so much for this post.

    1. DeDivahDeals

      THANK YOU!

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