May 21

You Choose The Shoes Week 5 | Splurge vs. Save Campaign

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Hello Friends and Happy Hump Day Wednesday!

Thank you all for voting last week and just as predicted it was a hard choice, but the winners were the

Payless Pumps!

Payless Pumps Win Week 4

One pair in this week’s contest is an entry into the Credit Card Insiders Splurge vs Save Campaign.

You all know that as much as I love shoes, I find it very difficult if not impossible to spend a lot of money on them, which is why I love to thrift or pay less!

So without further adieu here are this week’s choices:

Avon Black & White Forever Pumps


Enzo Angiolini Black Pumps

You Choose the Shoes Week 6 -DeDivahDeals

Avon Forever Pumps or Enzo Angiolini

The black and white dress was purchased last summer on clearance for only $8.00 at JCPenney. Another way to save is to wait until the end of a retail season to buy clothes, which is usually a month or so before the end of the actual season so you’ll have plenty of time to wear them.

Dress on clearance from JC Penney

Dress from JC Penney

I added pops of color to the classic black and white combination with an orange necklace thrifted new from Goodwill, orange watch from Avon and a multi-color bracelet.  

These black patent leather Enzo Angiolini pumps which I had once seen online for $59.99 at Nordstrom were thrifted from The Salvation Army for only $14.99, so they definitely were a Save vs a Splurge purchase!

watch from Avon

Okay which shoes do you choose?

Which shoes do you choose?

Today, I will be linking up with Whitney at her Personal Style Linkup and Shana at Thrifters Anonymous. Have a great day and we’ll chat tomorrow.

Stay Blessed ~ No Stress in 2014!



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  1. sskwok323

    The Avon Black & White Pump. I use to thrift shop, but once I became bigger then a size 10 I found it kind of difficult to find great pieces or even things that were worth purchasing without considerable seeking and searching and really became discouraged, but when I did thrift shop I always enjoyed the really great deals that thrifting allowed me to find.

    1. DelBlogger

      Wow, I haven’t been a size 10 since the 80’s – lol! Thrifting is fun, and am sure if you started back up no matter the size you would find something. Have a Thankful Thursday.

  2. imagesbytdashfield

    I miss being able to wear heels 🙁 But I vote for the solid black pair.

    1. DelBlogger

      I know, but hopefully before the holidays you will be back in the heels…the fall holidays that is. Happy Hump Day Wednesday!

      1. imagesbytdashfield

        Not that long!!!!!! eeeekkk

        1. DelBlogger

          After Labor Day????

          1. imagesbytdashfield

            I’m hoping by July!

          2. DelBlogger

            I hope so too!

  3. Whitney 'Nic' James

    Mmmm…I say the pair with the hint of white. It goes well with the dress! Thanks for linking up.


    1. DelBlogger

      Thank you for the vote and for hosting the linkup party.

  4. Kurves E Zine

    Love the dress and the fact that you paid only $8 is a steal. I do like the Black & white more just cause they show some toe cleavage. . .you know me I like to show cleavage. LOL..LOL

    1. DelBlogger

      That I do sis…that I do! Thanks for the vote and have a happy hump day!

  5. Me And My Mini Me

    I love your tips. They remind me so much of what my mom has told me all my life. Wait until the end of the season to find the best deals, and use promo codes and coupons. LOL I personally love the black and white heels. They’re different and cute. That dress looks great as well. Oh and as far as you being an Avon rep. I will definitely be contacting you soon. My mom and I love Avon, she’s used it all her life so we’ll be frequent customers.

    1. DelBlogger

      Thank you “daughter” – that is such a nice compliment. Tell your mom to reach out to me if she ever has an Avon question.

  6. HorseMark HandMade Cards

    I think the black and white shoes go very well with your dress. Lovely outfit! Really, you can’t lose! Both pairs of shoes look nice! Enjoy your day! ~ Vickie

    1. DelBlogger

      Thank you, now you see why I need help from you guys. Thanks and have a wonderful Thankful Thursday!

  7. dannadesigns

    They are both fab, but love the cut-out Enzo Angiolini pumps

    1. DelBlogger

      Great choice – have a wonderful holiday weekend.

  8. sunlightbeauty

    cute shoes! I like both! tough choice but I really like the solid black ones!

    1. DelBlogger

      Great choice, check back next week for the winner. Have a wonderful holiday weekend.

  9. Mo

    I like the all black pair. The pop of color with the necklace is a nice touch. 🙂

    1. DelBlogger

      Thank you, and thanks for the vote, check back next week for the winner.

  10. Karen of MrsLookingGood

    I’m voting for the black and white avon pumps. It felt to me that the shoes and dress were meant to be together!

    – Karen

    1. DelBlogger

      Got it…check next week for the winner. Have a great weekend.

  11. Mitzie Mee

    Those black ones from Enzo Angiolino are my favorites, though maybe the black and white ones go better with the dress?

    1. DelBlogger

      Ding Ding Ding…they are the winners – check out week 6 tomorrow. I hope you are having a wonderful day.

  12. Beauty Vancouver

    I vote for the Avon Black & White Forever Pumps. They pick up the white in your dress nicely. 🙂

  13. Nout @ SandpaperKissesBlog

    I pick the black and white ones because I love black and white color combo!

  14. Dawn

    Both look nice but there’s something about the solid black ones I like.

    1. DelBlogger

      Me too – “great minds…” – hope you are having a great week.

I love reading your comments!

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