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The Gift of Glamour and Glasses

The Gift of Glamour and Glasses

Last week I “celebrated” my 54th birthday with hubby and #1 son, I also received a mid-afternoon phone call from my youngest who is away at college, and it was the best birthday I could have ever asked for. Actually I stopped “celebrating” my birthdays many years ago after the death of my sister on September 14, 1992.

However, I know that everyday that I wake up ~ looking up is a gift, a gift that I definitely do not take for granted. However, even with all that being said, it’s always nice to get a little something something to commemorate the actual date of your birth. So this year to commemorate my birth, my gifts were ones of glamour and glasses.

On Sunday morning, I had an appointment with Dawn V. Gilmore, owner and photographer extraordinaire of DawnVGilmorePhotos. I had made an appointment a few weeks prior for the September Special, which was $50.00 for 4 headshots. I was super excited because I had always wanted professional headshots for my blogs and Social Media platforms and this was such a deal, making it a perfect birthday gift. Dawn is a personable and talented photographer who not only made me feel comfortable but she also made me look glamorous!  

Check out these photos!

Headshots by Dawn V Gilmore

By the way, her specialty is Boudoir Photos so if you are looking to have these taken, give her a call!

After the 30 minute photo shoot, I drove to Dunkin Donuts to use my AARP discount of getting a FREE donut with the purchase of a large cup of coffee. I decided to splurge and also purchased a Pumpkin Muffin, a Blueberry muffin for hubby and a dozen munchkins for my son, then headed home to relax.

get a discount with AARP

With his bi-weekly chemo treatments, hubby has his good days and then his not-so-good days, so when he’s smiling, I take full advantage of it with a selfie! #ihatecancer

hubby having a good day

I love to cook more than I enjoy eating out so I decided made a special dinner, Slow Cooked Mediterranean Chicken, you can see the full recipe in a Friday Foodie post next week, but check out this quick video.

Slow Cooked Chicken recipes

The final gift to myself was a new pair of glasses, yes, glasses. I have been wearing them since the age of 50, however, I only wear them to read. I’ve always purchased a pair after each eye exam, but hubby and Malik started purchasing theirs from Spec$forLess, so I decided to give them a try. There are many styles from which to choose and the prices are great, made even more so with our insurance plans.

Spec$ for less in Middletown

Monday afternoon I drove to their store located on 12 East Main Street in Middletown, and the sales person, Janine was a pleasure to work with. I had a lot of fun trying on different pairs and she indulged my lunacy by taking a few pictures.

love my big frame glasses

glasses 1

I love larger rims, AKA Sally Jessie Raphael so those are the ones I tried on. I won’t show you which pair I finally ordered, but I will tell you that they are cute and I may just start wearing them all the time, including in my OOTD photos…we’ll see.

enjoying the glamour of glasses

All in all It was a great birthday, and I want to thank all my virtual friends for their wonderful wishes as I look forward to another blessed year.


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