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iGotTech SmartTech Gloves Review

iGotTech Smart Tech Gloves Review


Hello friends, have you seen any of those funny videos showing someone texting and walking only to fall or bump into something?  What about a video showing someone texting in the bitter cold and their fingers turning blue? Well my son and his iPhone are inseparable, as is the case with most young adults but trust me, they definitely don’t want frost bitten fingers. I told him that if he just had to text outdoors then try wearing a pair of these Smart Tech Gloves.

Smart Tech Gloves Review

The Smart Tech gloves are another great product from iGotTech that helps your fingers feel as though you are texting in the summer or at least in warmer weather when standing outside in the cold.

Here’s my son testing out and texting in a pair.

Now you don’t have to let the cold cramp your style especially if you get a pair of these premium Smart Gloves from Your fingers will be comfy, cozy and warm as you do all the things that you like to do in the nippy air on your Smartphone, iPad or Tablet.

Smart Tech Gloves Review 2

Seriously, have you seen any of those funny videos? There’s one where the lady falls into the pond in the middle of the mall – it’s hilarious! Stay warm my friends.



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