Fashion and Fun after Fifty

OOTD – Black & White

I have been wanting to wear these white pants for several weeks now but the weather hasn’t been warm or sunny enough.  

Today is the day, and in my head I hear the woman in the commercial saying, “don’t wear white after Labor Day – who are you? – my grandmother?”  The actress, Lisa Raye wears white everyday so here I am in my white pants before Memorial Day.

Top – Walmart// Pants – Goodwill// Shoes – Charlotte Russe// Bracelet – Ring and earrings – my jewelry box// Clutch Purse – my design


  • Wanda says:

    You matched that outfit 100% love it!!! On this Day, may God find you peace and warm memories of your loved ones, and you courage that you have endured throughout the years, with your son and keeping your heart with Jesus. You are a strong women, that’s what keeps us going as MOM;S. You look just like your mother and sister, they live within you always. Your grandmom did an excellent job in raising you. Your son’s will make good choices in women as they have a great MOM. You represent to them what a women, and mom should be. You raised them well. be proud. As far as the white goes, girl I beat you to it, the first sunny day we had last month I wore white. I had stopped wearing white because my mom has always said to wait as well, after or on memorial day. I no longer do that, I wear white as well, all the time, In the winter off white, You wear it well. Be good to yourself today. A prayer for my Toni.,….

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