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Spence's Bazaar Flea Market

It had been years since I was in Dover on a Friday and even longer that I was at Spence’s Bazaar the local Flea Market.  In 1974, I was a teenager when we  moved to Dover and Spence’s Bazaar was the place to go on weekends including renting a table to sell your old stuff.  Coming from New York, I didn’t know anything about selling at a Flea Market and to this day I remember the woman who bought all of my Barbie’s and accessories for $5!   She ripped me off big time, most of my Barbie Dolls were circa 1950’s and she knew better , I only hope her life was miserable after that- seriously!

Fresh Produce is the best buy at Spence's

If you need it, it’s probably in one of these boxes!

At Flea Markets you can find everything – clothing, luggage, bags, hair accessories, albums, dolls, toys, memorabilia….EVERYTHING from soup to nuts!

T-Shirts and men’s clothing

Wanda found a nice hair pin

I love vendors with costume jewelry – I purchased these necklaces for $1.00 and the ring for $3.00.

New with tag, $1.00

New with tag, $1.00

They had several colors, new with tag $3.00

Colors of Spring

Vendor and his “Princess”  where I purchased a cute color block purse for $10.00

Love this purse!

I had to hit up the ATM machine which almost stole my money to make 1 final purchase.  I was pleasantly surprised to see that the vendor was an old high school friend of mine!

Lolita’s table was filled with Presidential and Sports Memorabilia so I purchased an item of each.

Bought this Eagles neckroll pillow for my son


It was a great day at Spence’s Bazaar in Dover and I will definitely be going again on my next staycation day.


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