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40 Minutes of Fame on MadHouseTV

The Delaware Blogger was on MadHouseTV

40 minutes of fame at MadhouseTV

Most of you know that I host a weekly Podcast, Social Media Sunday with the Delaware Blogger, which is live every Sunday at 6 PM EST on Blog Talk Radio for AAU Teen Talk Radio/TV/Magazine.  The last live broadcast for the year was on Sunday and the topic was Social Media and the Church, it was my 15th Podcast and I must admit that when I first started I was unbelievably nervous.  The shows on the 26th of December and 1st of January will be encore programs so if you missed them, make sure to log on to listen.

The show’s Executive Producers are Roger and Chevrona Johnson and they are also the CEO’s of the Whitney E. Johnson Foundation.  I am very appreciative to both of them for giving me an opportunity to host my own Podcast, but was even more so when offered the opportunity to take the show on the road and host it live on cable at Madhouse TV Studio in Long Island, NY.

MadhouseTV Studios

With everything scheduled for last Thursday, hubby and I drove from Middletown, DE to Long Island, NY which by the way was definitely not an easy trip, but that’s another story for a different day.  However, I was able to drive the 2017 Hyundai Santa Fe Ultimate AWD which I was reviewing for Hyundai via Drive Shop USA so it wasn’t a bad ride.


arriving at the studio in style

Arriving at the studio a little past noon, my guest, Nikki Valentine, owner of N.V.Me Designs and her models were already inside busy preparing for the 2:00 show.  Check out my Instagram page to see pictures of everyone getting ready as well as some great memorabilia inside the studio owned by Tommy Maher, aka The Woodstock Guru on Facebook.

The Delaware Blogger on MadhouseTV

Nikki and I were able to run through our script which we had previously written when she came to “shop my closet” the week before which you can see on my YouTube Channel.  The topic of our segment was “Balling on a Budget – Outfits from the Office to Party Fab” and she and her models did a great job in featuring these outfits. 

Nikki Valentine, owner of NVMeDesigns

The link to the broadcast is below, so check it out and then come back and leave a comment as I am anxious to know how you liked the show. I hope Chevrona liked it as well as I would love to go back for another segment.

The Woodstock Guru

Delaware Blogger on MadhouseTV

This is also going to be the last blog post of the year as I shut down DeDivahDeals and transfer it to DelBlogger and when I come back in the New Year, there will be great reviews and giveaways – so enjoy the holidays and be safe!!!


Don’t forget to leave a comment with your review of the show and let me know if you would like to see me back on Cable TV!  



Had a great time at MadhouseTV Memorabilia at MadhouseTV The Delaware Blogger on Cable TV

  The Delaware Blogger on Cable TV Nikki and I on set Tommy the Woodstock Guru


  • Yay girl you got it going on. I am so proud of you my sister! You inspire me so much. You really do your part of the reason I still have my blog (even when I have hit ruff patchs in life and it had to wait, I would look at you and say I will keep going). You more than anyone spill fun into all you do and shine with that smile. Your truly happy doing what you do at your pace, in your way. It shows in all your social media, your blog, your videos. I have to start listening to your pod casts. I wish you much success and blessings in 2017. I am your biggest fan and will be following you always to see what you are up to next. I was in Baltomore twice in the last 9 days but it was just to hop the next plane for a layover. My layover wasn’t long enough to call ya and have dinner but I wish I could of! Next time maybe. I was going up north to see my father in law who is sick. Well Merry Christmas girl! Love ya lots!

    • DelBlogger says:

      Suzie Q you have just given me the greatest gift anyone could have ever asked for. There is something about blogging that creates friendships and bonds that those who don’t will never understand. I have always admired you and look forward to your beautiful “hero shots” in all your blog posts. I can’t wait to party with you on Friday’s at ProductReview and do hope that one day we can get together in person for what would be a nice long hug!!!! Thank you sis for being a big supporter of me and my little blog – I love you to life!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  • You are killing it! You go girlfriend 🙂

  • Yes dear. . .you ROCK!! I wrote you an email previously on this production. I said it then and I say it again. . .You are Shining so bright and I am so Proud of you. Do not let anyone dull your shine. . .

  • […] This is what I wore to the play, which you may remember I also wore for my television debut on Madhouse TV. . .  Black heels from Kohl’s. […]

  • […] This is what I wore to the play, which you may remember I also wore for my television debut on Madhouse TV. . .  Black heels from Kohl’s. […]

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